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Petition: Restore Common Law By Default in Our Court System so the Layman Doesn't Need an Attorney to Comprehend the Law

I don't participate in any of the corporation's activities however if someone wanted to start this petition I think only the people united could restore law and order to our court system. The battle for liberty is not in replacing a president, senator or representative.

The battle for liberty is in RESTORING THE COMMON LAW in our courts! It is very frustrating for me - seeing the root of the problem so clearly - that so very few people here at the Daily Paul even wish to examine it - let alone pull it up.

What is common law?

If you have a problem, you call the sheriff. The sheriff then forms a grand jury of the people (25 people give or take) - a majority vote of the grand jury hands down an indictment - the sheriff is then authorized to act - someone is jailed or not until trial based on the instructions of the grand jury.

"no person shall be held... unless on indictment or presentment of a grand jury"

THIS IS YOUR RIGHT - RIGHT NOW - but most of you don't even know it. No peace officer can even lay hands on you (unless of course you're acting violently) without a GRAND JURY INDICTMENT - You hear about "indictments" on the news but don't know what they are all about. This is what the "elite" knows and you don't. They know how hard it is for STATE to initiate any kind of force against someone who knows their rights. The founders were extremely protective of LIBERTY. Now LOOK HOW MUCH WE'VE LOST - We now stand by while people are plucked up off the streets by corporate policy officers who can't even recite the statute which was supposedly broken and those people are unilaterally placed in a cage before even seeing a magistrate.

Now back to the common law court...

A trial is held. The accuser presents the evidence and expresses in layman's terms how he/she has been wronged and what the penalty should be. (NO STATUTES) The accused can call witnesses and present evidence of why he/she is innocent. When both sides rest the jury determines if the accuser has been wronged and if the accused should make reparations.

YOU KNOW - it is SELF-EVIDENT that this system is common sense. One-size-fits-all "statutes" DO NOT WORK and only strip us of freedoms once freely enjoyed. Now we FEAR typing the wrong words on a Daily Paul post... FOR ALL OF THIS we can blame ourselves for letting our courts get out of hand... for not learning law and for letting other people tell us what the law is when we INHERENTLY KNOW WHAT IS WRONG AND WHAT IS RIGHT.


The ultimate remedy to restore liberty is to restore the court of the free man or woman to make their case to the people around them of what is wrong and what should be done about it.

The court system has been hijacked, occupied and completely subverted from it's purpose which is to PREVENT VIOLENCE by giving people a civil forum to be able to settle their differences. Now that we have lost our courts to tyranny what stands between we the people and the "government?"

NOTHING. Nothing except for a Sheriff that honors his/her oath of office. Granted how bad the problem is I ALMOST can't blame the Sheriffs across this country for just "going along to get along" but the very fabric of this once great experiment in freedom has been torn asunder. It's time for us all to start interacting with our sheriffs (REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HIM OR HER RIGHT NOW) and educating them as well as offering our FULL SUPPORT if they agree to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. It's our ONLY hope left.

If you're thinking about 2016, you really have no idea of how bad the problems are and how close we are to the edge of sanity's cliff. I can't say this any clearer - 2016 in my mind it is a wet dream if we even get a chance to vote in a fraudulent election for the next puppet president based upon the only two choices of evil and evil.

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Carl Miller finally gave me the information to sink my teeth in

I've been a dabbler for years - could tell there was definitely a bunny down that hole just could not get my hands on him. I've started working on memorizing the Constitution.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Three Laws

No force, no fraud, no trespass. Any jury can hear the facts and decide whether the defendant is guilty of the crime, and what the penalty should be.

"Attorneys run this place"--Ron Paul on Capitol Hill.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

It's lonely at the top of the mental food chain, isn't it?

It amazes me that we are on one of the most liberty oriented sites on the internet, and when the few of us who actually know what's going on in the courts and how to rectify it makes posts like this, they just end up fading off into the night.

But post a recipe on Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup or Cosmic Rays, and the thread goes f***ing nuts and people from all over the country chime in and, it's one huge party.

Teach them some of the things you and I and a few others are trying to share, and ......... Yawn, that's boring; it's too simple-could never work.

People scream for their freedoms and when you hand it to them on a silver platter, they push it off the table and go back to Star Trek/Cosmic Rays, and Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup; you know, the IMPORTANT things in life that protect their rights and freedoms.

Keep preaching it brother, and for any of you who would like to learn how the gov't is controlling you via your Certificate of Live Birth, just click on my name and read my previous posts.

When people figure this out and it finally soaks in, that is when we'll put gov't back in it's box, because gov't will only be able to enforce their statutes on their own internal employees like they are supposed to be doing instead of enforcing their statutes on everyday American's they have no authority over.