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The End of an Era

Ron Paul's farewell address and departure from Congress mark the end of an era.

The failure of the Ron Paul campaigns and the libertarian movement in America, from the era of Goldwater in '64 to Ron Paul's campaigns of 2007 and 2012, with the false spring of Reagan, sets us on our irreversible slide into permanent statism, empire, balkanization, identity politics, and the dissolution of both representative government and the individual as the center of the political universe.

These trends were a long time coming, beginning with the transition from the concept of "these United states," the voluntary Union, to "The United States," the indissoluble American nation and state established by the Yankee victory in the civil war.

Industrialization and the development of an "urban proletariat" and class consciousness in industrialized countries, led to both the fascism and socialism of Europe, and to the New Deal in America. In other words, the advent of the interventionist, welfare state. Pressures for socialism were nipped in the bud on the American scene with the so called Keynesian mixed economy compromise. Hence the idea of Keynes as "the savior of Capitalism."

The rearguard action of the old Right in America in the 1930s, to oppose Roosevelt and the New Deal, failed with the Second World War, and the emergence of the USA as a world superpower dominant in international markets and with a strong, unionized middle class and labor movement.

The 1970s brought renewed competition from Asia and Europe, the inflation of the guns and butter of Vietnam and Great Society under LBJ, and the abandonment of labor as a key constituency of the Democrats - the Reagan era, deregulation, outsourcing, and the financialization of the US economy through the 90s into the 2000s.

The neoconservative capture of the Republican party from the 1970s-90s, culminating in GWB, more or less killed a realistic conservative (hence constitutional/libertarian) movement in America of political significance.

Ron Paul represented the last major attempt at a resurgence of traditional Americanism in our political landscape, and is now over.

The opening of immigration to the third world into America, its rapidity and now likely permanent position as policy, portend the dissolution of a sense of American nationality and identity, the end of a relatively homogenous population with traditional left-right political forms.

The future will be one of market dominant minorities pitted against market under-performing ethnic and class majorities composed of many groups.

The welfare state is firmly in place, benefiting both the underclass and the disappearing middle class, who have no desire to foot the bill for their parents livelihood or their children's education.

A middle class with substantial ownership of property is the basic and only source of political allegiance to concepts of property and individualism. Ideology only motivates a miniscule number of people.

The future of American politics is going to be one of ethnic identity politics and class factions fighting over the spoils which constitute the government budget. Highly influential corporations and lobbies will bring up the rear. Voting blocs organized around identity and class will be pitted against the ever present interests of money. Basically a Latin American model of corporatism vs. socialism. That's assuming party politics and electoral jockeying even persist in the long run. Hopefully, not.

Whether or not culture will continue to be a monolithic consumer product or will fragment into many semi-organic constructs remains to be seen. With any luck, the latter.

In any case, the political constituency driven by pure ideology, especially traditional American concepts of individualism and market freedom, will recede, as conflicting identity and class groups emerge as the focus of political campaigns.

Whether two parties remain dominant or third parties emerge, the chance of a majority consensus focused on concepts of individual liberty, secure property, and market freedom will not likely be a serious possibility.


So, brace yourselves, friends! The future will be a grand spectacle of ugliness, inefficiency, conflict, stupidity, little wars, maybe some big ones, and a general decline and dissipation of energies. Get your seats for the death throes of western civilization. It was a good run.

Keep friends and family close, do what you can to form real organic bonds that will, or at least might, outlast the state and the paradigms of late modernity.

Some have characterized us as the "remnant" of a classical America polity, or more generally of our civilization. Like the old Roman gentry class that was swallowed up into by the empire and the collapse.

I don't know if those characterizations are right or not, we're a pretty mixed bag.

If so, the remnant needs to start thinking in different terms. Not as the late "true Romans" but as the early Christians. Start focusing on seeding the forms of the future, not hanging onto a dying past.

We need to be be less like the Catos and Ciceros and more like the early, organic Christian communities of the late Roman empire, able to outlast and subsume the role of the dying empire when that time finally comes.

We are probably born a few centuries too early for any activity of real importance, but we can at least try to become seeds of the future, and not get lost in the storms that are coming.

The conservative era is over...

The writing is on the wall...

The Rubicon has been crossed, and all that jazz.

Get your pessimism hats on, have a good cry, make your peace with the deity, and figure out what you're going to do so that your actions and lives today have some meaning 100 or 200 years from now.

Good luck!

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I totally disagree!

It ain't over!

We have seen in the last five years the greatest turn around and political awakening in the history of America! Ron Paul has not died and He is still working for liberty. How dare we throw in the towel!

One of my pet peeves is hearing Christians say basically the same thing. "It's over". What ? have they never read the book of Jonah?

God sent Jonah to proclaim to a wicked city, Nineveh, "Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be destroyed." But when the people repented of their wickedness and humbled themselves in sackcloth and ashes, God stopped the count down! (It was resumed about a hundred years later, and Nineveh was destroyed.)

I believe God has pronounced judgment on America and America will be destroyed... BUT NOT ON MY PRAYER WATCH!!! NOT AS LONG AS GOD STILL HAS A STOPWATCH!

If the liberty movement fades, I will agree with you, but not until then.

I'm a realist, but I am not a quitter!

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

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And then what?

Now with the benefit of hindsight, does your assessment remain true?

I think so. If it held up

I think so. If it held up then, it holds up now. But the older I get, the more I have no idea what's true anymore. I become less and less certain of anything. I don't stop learning, so I don't stop changing. Everything that is true in one paradigm, can be untrue for another, with each having internal consistency. One day I guess for the sake of mental balance, we have to stop adding new stuff, stop allowing changes, close up shop, but that day has not yet come.

add "Judgment Day".

+1, good post. You mentioned
1* early Christians,
2* have a good cry, make your peace with the deity,
3* lives today have some meaning 100 or 200 years from now.

all so well, pls add Judgment Day, it is an important matter for the faithful. The mention or reminder will have many beneficial effects, & it will glue 1-2-3.
pls read Matthew 12:36-37.

I didn't get the memo that

I didn't get the memo that I'm just supposed to lay down in a grave and wait for the worms.


Libertarians are the fastest growing political demographic...

in the United States. There is no need for such pessimism.

As a matter of fact, several things have happened that lend some hope to the near-term future. For instance, Germany inquiring about their gold being "held" by the Fed is wonderful for the cause.

It's important to keep spreading the philosophy of non-aggression as quickly as possible before the economic collapse ensues. There's no time to wrap up in a Snuggie with one's favorite holy book and wait for everything to work itself out.

Ron Paul's farewell address was much more optimistic than this post. This post suggests that politicians are the only path to change. Ron had something quite different to say:

"Achieving legislative power and political influence should not be our goal. Most of the change, if it is to come, will not come from the politicians, but rather from individuals, family, friends, intellectual leaders and our religious institutions. The solution can only come from rejecting the use of coercion, compulsion, government commands, and aggressive force, to mold social and economic behavior. Without accepting these restraints, inevitably the consensus will be to allow the government to mandate economic equality and obedience to the politicians who gain power and promote an environment that smothers the freedoms of everyone. It is then that the responsible individuals who seek excellence and self-esteem by being self-reliance and productive, become the true victims."

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Well written, sounds pretty

Well written, sounds pretty accurate Bill3

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

I bought an old book

at a garage sale titled "Hungry Hill" by Daphne du Maurier 1944, I just finished it and then read your post,wow.

I am blown away by what I have read.

You know what I have learned Shit Happens and the only constant is that it happened in the past, present and the future. That stuff about the sins of the father and karma has merit to them.

Great business opportunity in selling underwear and toilet paper.

Good luck, Gratitude and Grace cause life is not a race.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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He is putting his energy behind

Campaign for Liberty. He's not gone.

neither are the individuals

neither are the individuals


The beginning. I see more people waking up then ever before..America's pulse is quickening

Great Summary

That is a great summary of history and possible future, I loved it, I even shed a tear for America. You should write a “future history” novel based on that, I would read it twice. I agree with you %100, if your original assumption is correct. The assumption that the r3volution has failed.

I see it differently. From information I find here and elsewhere, it seems the r3volution has only begun. Like a grassfire, it starts slowly. I see more evidence that people are becoming aware. The secession petitions (all 50 states, now) on the white house web site, though only symbolic, are a sign. The number of signatures is astonishing and growing daily.

I was first alerted to that by a friend, who was told by his children, who got it from someone at school. One thing about children, they aren’t afraid to talk.

The r3evolution's involvement with Ron Paul, the man, is undeniable, but most embrace the message that Dr. Paul delivered, and many will begin the political path. I am tempted to do that myself.

These first new politico’s will have to have the stoicism of Ron Paul himself to survive the assault they will surly receive from the “old boys network”. Ron Paul withstood that assault for decades. I would expect many of his pupils to exhibit such character.

Eventually, by attrition alone, in only a generation or three, the liberty ideal will echo in congress. Senator Paul's retirement isn’t the end of his revolution. I see him on the fringe media more often these days. He may even get invited to the Big Tent of MSM when the economy crumbles.

The looming economic collapse will certainly put a crimp on the police state. The Petro-dollar has become unstable, and the world seems to be losing its taste for it.
When the Petro-dollar fertilizer dries up, the police state will wither on the vine, though it will have to be uprooted before it can spawn again.

I believe we are in the right time for the important activity. The activity you describe is exactly the right thing to do, but I believe it will bear fruit much more quickly than you estimate.

Time will tell. In any event, “thinking in different terms” is a wise idea. The world that was built by current thinking isn’t really very good. When the time comes for rebuilding, whether 15 years or 500 years, we really need a new plan. Now is a good time to come up with some.

Just open the box and see

I never thought I'd be filled

I never thought I'd be filled with such excitement and personal optimism in the midst of my conviction that our society's worst days are rapidly approaching.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Awesome (just like all your posts)...

...I know it is the end of an era and, I believe the beginning of a new one. :)

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Very good Bill

A masterpiece

thanks brother.

thanks brother.


It's only praise from a cellar dweller... take it for what it's worth ;-)


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