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Use Our Liberty Foriegn Policy to Change the GOP

I have spent most of my adult life floating around the Republican Party knowing I did not belong and something was not right. I also spent a lot of time around unions and their politics (as I am an active union member) knowing I did not fit into these particular settings either. One day I heard Dr. Ron Paul speak and realized I was not alone. I realized that if a Congressman was elected who shared very same views as I, then their had to be more just like me and him. Boy was that assumption correct!

I was a Delegate for Dr. Paul this year (2012) and during this process encountered many who not only share the philosophy of liberty but they fight for the cause each and every day. The friendships I have made will last a lifetime not only because of a common interest, but because of the content of their character and the passion we all shared in battle together.

It has become apparent to me that we are making some great strides within the electorate but the establishment has been able to shut us down. It might be through rules changes, the media, election fraud, or the many other tricks of the devil; but make no mistake about it, they are using their power to win. Many states have prevailed, but many more have failed at changing the party.

My proposition to all like minded patriots is to fight with honey not vinegar. Look at many of the liberty candidates this year who were able to win, they did a remarkable job. Some fought within the party, some had the party backing, and others gained the respect of the party. However, we may not be able to hold a sneak attack any longer. If you beleive we can have a majority of liberty candidates take over in this manner, I respect your opinion but I am not sure how you could draw that conclusion after Tampa and the endless amount of campaign money the party spills into their campaigns.

My proposal is not to destroy your principles, or even go against your principles in the mildest manner (because their is no mild manner to do so). I simply propose that we consider changing the party from within. Show up to your party headquarters, and ask to join in on the campaigns. Persuade them that you want to further the party, and that you are the most motivated individual to run for a certain office.

Sure this seems crazy at first, but this is the same foreign policy that we preach. If you beleive liberty works in economics, and foreign policy, you should also beleive that liberty is applicable in all aspects of our progression. So while the party heads are some how shocked that their liberal candidate lost the Presidential race, the media is playing the angle that the party needs to become young and change the message; reach out and use that to your (our) advantage. Do not lie, or cheat like they do. Just tell the truth, but in their language. Our foreign policy tells us to reach out to other nations and trade with them, be friendly, and not wage war. I think what better way to change the GOP!

If with this approach you still do not find positive results, then you know you need to fight to take the positions that are not being occupied by liberty minded individuals.

I am sure their will be critics that do not agree and they will have their remarks. I say to them, good luck in your approach and please let me know if you have a solution that is more rewarding with proven results. I am reaching out to everyone here because I have made this attempt in my area and I have succeeded!

I wish you all the best of luck! We are in this together!!

In Liberty,


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