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In "World War Z", the Zombies = You & Me! *UPDATED*

**UPDATE** Alex "I Spit in Piers Morgan's Face" Jones has posted an expose of WWZ, and his analysis is completely correct: submit to the globalist corporate slave-state or be exterminated with the greater mass of humanity.


Has anyone seen the trailer to the upcoming Brad Pitt film, "World War Z"? Ten million have. So, its more like, Who HASN'T seen it?


Another big budget Hollywood praise-and-worship piece dedicated to all the police and paramilitary personnel who might pump a person's head full of lead.

Army violence films are nothing new, and it looks like plenty more are on the way for 2013.

What IS new is this Zombie kick everyone's on. From hollywood to Department of Homeland Security, mowing down zombies is all the rage. Even now, as I write this, a DP ad is playing for "The Walking Dead", a video game where splattering your kid's playmates while they sit in the sand box is jolly fun, cause they're zombies, after all!

But, what exactly ARE zombies?

In most films, they are friends and neighbours turned into raving maniacs. The only way to deal with them is kill them -- by the thousands.

Or in the case of World War Z, by the billions!

Now, Zombies in Pitt's film aren't vomiting, rotting corpses like in other films. No, these are are poor looking, dirty, unwashed, angry, violent. But still very human-like, rather normal.

In fact, they look a bit like protesters.

Call me crazy, call me zombified. But it is my contention that zombies are an allegory for the disaffected, someone who might try to use a mass strike action, such as in Spain or Greece, against the authorities.

Of course, in Spain or Greece, the police do not mow down the rioting protesters. Unless they are under the impression the dirty, angry violent people chanting in front of them are brain-chewing zombies who have to be murdered en masse to save humanity.

So: is Brad Pitt's latest cinematic creation an allegory for the global police state dealing justified death to the anti-austerity Occupy mobs? Or is it just a message that eugenics -- killing off five out of six people on earth -- somehow makes for a killer movie?

You tell me!

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