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This video is aimed at Christian Republicans...


This video is aimed at Christian Republicans who listen daily to bad examples of how to treat our fellow human beings.

Bad examples that have had a severe and negative effect on our political dialogue and willingness to listen. I learned this the hard way as an organizer for the Ron Paul grassroots in southwest Missouri.

Among Christian Republicans there is a general attitude that we lost the election due to what they regard as the moral failures of abortion and gay marriage, i.e. "America is just getting what it deserves!".

What many do not seem to recognize is that how we treat people can be a grave moral failure in and of itself.

When I have been treated poorly by fellow Republicans and I steer the topic to this pervasive infotainment medium, without fail their favorite host is...

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Odd that this has had about 150 views...

...on Youtube (between this and the original) yet there are no comments either here OR there.