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What Now? A Quick Sketch

What Now? A Quick Sketch

Since the election is over, a friend asked me, "What we should do now?" He voted Gary Johnson, as I advised him to, rather than not vote at all. Many people I have talked to seemed surprised or affected in some way by the election. I was not surprised by the election, and I have a hunch that Romney actually won and that there was voter fraud involved in this election. Either way, Obama being elected or Romney, I had the attitude that it was back to work immediately after the election and that the election would be no time for celebration. And in any event, I decided to fire back with a few quick ideas on things the liberty movement can get going on and keep working hard at:

*Get Started on RAND PAUL 2016 campaigning! Or other candidates likely to run.
*Write letters to editors and other publications. Competing Libertarian newsletter or newspaper?
*Start fundraising now!
*Eye to local races for 2013.
*Start educating now!
*Enjoy some time off. Maybe now's the time to LIVE LIFE a bit?
*Create a PAC?
*Strengthen local groups (Set goals, get people to work towards them)
*Set up a phonebank and/or make some calls from home.
*Register people to vote. We need more liberty Democrats, something to think about.
*Create a local cable access TV show?
*Write elected officials. Maybe the local offices need more mail? Would this be more effective than contacting Congressional offices?
*Impeach Obama.
*Prosecute Voter Fraud.
*Paper Ballots!!!
*Read and distribute more good philosophical books on liberty.
*Create, support, and work with websites that promote liberty.
*Create and distribute lit on liberty principles
*Create and spread educational Youtube videos
*Sign waves (Though I do agree that this is not the most effective tool. Votes, votes, votes - we need votes, not to "raise awareness")
*Give public speeches and motivate people!
*Organize a Libertyfest at home, in other places? Have vendors come, speakers, games, etc. A carnival for liberty?
*Call people. Text people. Get everyone fired up about freedom!
*Create and lead groups. We need more groups and sub-groups. Organization. Hierarchy?
*Get better at living a private life - cryptography, eliminating paper trail. A private society is a polite society.
*Write stories and use parables to illustrate liberty principles.
*Get flags (Gadsen, American, Pine Tree) and get 'em flying.
*Organize boycotts of liberty destroying companies.
*Work on your prepping and disaster preparedness.
*What infrastructure is there, liberty groups, and how can you use it or be involved? Is there a Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at your local colleges?
*Time out: Fun Factor. Ron Paul Chocolate bars, Federal Reserve mints? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Video games for liberty, etc. - necessary for sanity and well-being. And attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

What ideas do you have?


"What did you do today to restore liberty to America?"

Write back your ideas in the comments and fwd your and these ideas to friends!

Submitted by:
-Paul! of paulhakel.info

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