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The terrorist state of Israel performing ethnic cleansing

Once again, the terrorist state of Israel is on a campaign to kill as many babies, womens and old people that they can.

On one side you have armored tanks and F15 jets. On the other side you have hungry people with rocks and Kalashnikov.

Why in the world are we supporting this regime?

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Two reasons: 1) Christian

Two reasons: 1) Christian Zionism, and 2) Jewish monopoly on victimization

Oxford & Scofield Incite Conflict.

Chuck explains very well, I learned a lot from him, re Oxford's printing of corrupted scriptures.
To view the side show about the origins of Christian Zionism starting with Cyrus I. Scofield and his Scofield Reference Bible go to: Cause of Our Conflict. Posted by Charles E. Carlson

Video: Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning,
Part I =

What If the Best Defense Against Zionism

...was Jewish people all over the World waking up to the evil of Zionism and seeing exactly what is being done in their names just as some of us here are against the aggression being done in our name by the US?

Of course in order to consider that possibility you would have to see and acknowledge that the Jewish people do not equal Zionism and stop mixing the labels. The elites (many but not all of whom are Jewish) LOVE to equate "Jew" with "Zionism." Age-old tactic.

Zionism can be best fought...or at least one prong in the war Jewish people who, like Zionist, are all over the world.
And, I would like to offer that although it is a slow process, many are waking up.

Met a very young Jewish Rabbi not long ago and asked him what he thought about Israel. He shook his head and said you know there were many Jewish people who were against the State of Israel and were afraid of where it would lead. Once it was a fact, many hoped it would be a peaceful place where all religions could enjoy proximity whith their most holy spots. He went on to say very sadly, "And look what has happened. Now they hate us all over the world for what we are doing."

Jewish people are waking up to aggression committed in their names the same as Americans are. And, many of them "are" Americans...double shame.


Wow (((((fonta)))))! You don't comment here very much

any more, but when you do, I gotta say you are the best!!!! What a perfect comment you made! Let's see more of you around here!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


They can cleanse their country all they want. We could use a little of that here as well.

Now for the real story. It seems that there are a lot of Jew haters here who, just like the Nazis, look for any reason to demonize Jews. I know the reason but what's the point because you people will just make up "legitimate" reasons out of thin air to support your hatred.

I'm going to assume you

I'm going to assume you didn't quite think through that first paragraph there.

Ventura 2012

read Talmud.

no thin air. WE humans = all of us or 99.99% are prone to error, we could be angry, forgetful, unclean, foul-mouthed, repeating mistakes, etc., on a civil level wrong is recognized wrong. But there is the Talmud, a written book, revered by jews, considered holy, taught ritually to be followed, it is deliberated upon regularly. This Talmud is full of racism, bigotry, superiority complex, license to sin against non-jews, etc. It is very much anti-christ, it slanders the honored Maseah and his virtuous mother. No Christian with an iota of faith & loyalty can ever read this false & filthy writing.
Firstly, taking side of zionist land-grab & oppression is unfair on a civil level. On religious grounds siding with zion is immoral disloyalty.

Stop buying into what "Sharon claims Israel has to do"

And see what they have actually done,,,,

Not that I'm a fan of Israel...

...quite the contrary, I'm a very vocal critic of them, but this seems to be a double standard. Israel got hit by rockets, then returned fire. When Palestinians or whoever shoot rockets at people, why is that skipped over, while Israeli retalition becomes "ethnic cleansing?"

My take? Both are murder. We should be above double standards on this site.

The difference is who is the

The difference is who is the aggressor and occupier. If Mexico occupied Texas, I guarantee you that Texans would do more than shoot primitive rockets into Mexico as retaliation for its crimes against Texas. The Palestinians have a right to resist with force if necessary. However, their pitiful rockets have killed a handful relative to what the IDF has done.

What the...?

What did I say wrong? Did I defend Israel's actions anywhere in my post? No. I accused them of murder, but noted that others firing rockets at Israelis is ALSO murder. Killing civilians - no matter who does it - is murder. 9/11 was mass murder. The wars in response were also mass murder. Same freaking standard.

It appears that there are certain people who love their double standards. Come on, explain what was wrong with my post.


Is a mossad operation.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

"Peace will come

when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us."--Golda Meir


When Jews stop acting as parasites on humanity.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Or Maybe When

...we stop placing sweeping labels on entire groups of people instead of recognizing that the "lowest common denominator in human nature" has become a parasite on the evil, selfish and self-centered objectives of an elite ruling class.

They "count" on there being an un-evolved, judgmental and self-righteous tendency in humankind to believe you can only elevate yourself by labeling someone else less evolved and less worthy.

Actually I agree, in part, with your statement if only it read:
"When zionist mentality stops acting as a parasite on humanity. I consider the Jewish people as being very much a part of humanity and I think Dr. Paul would agree.


Just think of how the Arab world

would change if the fathers spent their non-employment time reading to their children and playing with them, and teaching them to love truth, beauty, and goodness. Just think of how the Arab world would change if an Arab husband spent his time serving his wive in their home, leading the way in showing love and fidelity.

I think you would be surprised by

who these Muslims really are. I have traveled to a few Muslim countries and found them a delightful group. If a person got dropped from another planet anywhere in the US vs. anywhere in the Muslim world, hands down they would adore the Muslim people far more. My stays were not long but I fell in love with the men (yeah, not many women to be seen). Their culture is very different than ours. But the media, which is completely controlled by their enemy, is not a great place to learn about this quarter of the World's population.

re Muslim World.

+1 Dd, thank you for your kind words. My late parents were Muslim, and I am learning to follow them, & improve mySelf. They told me that the Syrians were very hospitable, with fair words & looks, + other qualities, it appeared that they were blessed. It is very sad to hear the news about Syria, the murderous regime & military of the cultish Assad is persecuting those fair folks, while the UN & govts watch, the media is finding faults in the victims and magnifies any offense.

I am curious to know which countries you visited.

see a sample = A heart breaking story of a Syrian boy! (2.4 mins)

with best wishes.

That brought tears to my eyes.

Oh how sad. I find myself ignoring the Syrian fiasco. It hurts too bad. I think many Americans are doing the same. Even if they can't fully wrap their heads around the fact that their rulers main objective is to meld their minds, they know, after Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, that they are up to no good. They know they are paying for murder. But we feel so helpless. We have as much control over the situation as do the Syrians. I should not ignore it. A small bit of emotional pain is an itty bitty sacrifice to show respect and awareness to the poor victims.

Anyway, I visited Morocco, Jordan, Zanzibar (island off the coast of Tanzania, 98% Muslim), and Israel(a very sad place, I won't get into it now.). The more I understood their customs the more they made sense. I learned a lot from them, in spite of the small amount of time I visited. Tolerance, open-mindedness, connectedness to community, hospitality, humility and a 'live and let live' attitude were among the prominent lessons I took away.

I learned to understand and appreciate their dress. In Morocco men and women all wore the jellaba. It is a long roomy garment with a pointy hood. When people hide their physique and are more modest it forces more meaningful relationships. One has to use their charm, kindness, and intellect to attract friends rather than cool clothes and a good genes. I think DPers would like it too. Folks that look for companionship on a level higher than age, sex, looks, and money are the kind of people I want to hang out with.

I am not religious but their 5 times a day prayer session just made sense. And it seemed like their religion actually did what I envision as its goal. It made them happy and kind people.

I had a Jordanian driver who drove us around Wadi Rum , the desert in Jordan where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed (and took place), who had just been married. He was just like a Western guy. He was all pussy-whipped (excuse the French). He had to answer his phone every hour or so, stop the truck, giggle, turn red, and wouldn't get off the phone until his buddy made him. It was cute. He did not seem like the misogynistic wife beater that we all hear about. I know that is only one experience. But never do we hear this kind of stuff in the media. The media 100% of the time portrays them as backwards, crazy, close-minded, religious fundamentalist that want to do harm to Westerners; nothing like what I experienced.

I bought a Koran just to see what it was about. Reading through the preface I found that Mohamed spread his word via the sword. Is this right? I have been confused about it since. But I do not know any Muslims to ask.

Jordan,= Refugee Camp.

+1 Dd, thanks for a detailed post. Jordan is just across the border from Syria, same language, food & customs, - the borders were drawn by the colonial powers after WW1, - a real mess they have created.

Jordan is hosting a lot of refugees - escaping the Syrian conflict -

Re Quran, find a better translation without the false & biased preface. The most well-known one is by Marmaduke Pickthall, an english convert, the language is a little archaic, thy, thou, nigh, etc.

Mohammad (on him Salaam) did Not even spread Islam within the arabian peninsula, he died in 632 AC. If you have a copy with an index you will find that the Quran teaches non-aggression, & no compulsion in matters of faith (religion). See 2nd chapter 2:256 "Let there be No compulsion in deen (faith, religion)". And 2;190 "Do Not transgress".
Anyone who does not believe & follow the Quran is Not a Muslim.


My Koran book is by Phoenix publishers, c. 1909, is translated by JM Rodwell with a foreword and introduction by Alan Jones, The Orient Institute, Oxford. I mostly picked it 'cause of its cool cover, A Manuscript of the Koran, c. 1425 Persian school, from the Detroit Institute of Arts. Yeah, pretty shallow.

I pulled it out to verify its contents. Mohammad was born in Mecca and moved to Medina to spread his message he received from the arch angel, Gabriel. In Medina he expelled three Jewish tribes resistant to his religion. He proceeded to engage in battles and negotiations with tribal leaders to force conversion to Islam on their subjects. He engaged in these activities until his death. He would try to avoid bloodshed but used the threat of violence to contract the leaders of various tribes. This is what the introductions claims. I grabbed some random excerpts from Wiki that back up this claim.

"So Muhammad responded by launching a pre-emptive strike against their base in Al Kudr. When the tribe heard of this, they fled. Muhammad captured 500 of their camels from the raid, and distributed it between his fighters. He also kept a fifth of the spoils."

"Muhammad divided the property of the Banu Qaynuqa, including their arms and tools, among his followers, taking for the Islamic state a fifth share of the spoils for the first time. Some members of the tribe chose to stay in Medina and convert to Islam, possibly more out of opportunism than conviction. One man from the Banu Qaynuqa, Abdullah ibn Sailam, became a devout Muslim. Although some Muslim sources claim that he converted immediately after Muhammad’s arrival to Medina, modern scholars give more credence to the other Muslim sources, which indicate that 8 years later, 630, as the year of ibn Salam’s conversion."

"The Invasion of Dhi Amr (Arabic: غزوة ذي أمر‎),[1] also known as the Raid on Ghatafan,[2] occurred directly after the Invasion of Sawiq in the year 3 A.H of the Islamic calendar, September 624.[3][4] The expedition was ordered by Muhammad after he received intelligence that the Banu Muharib and Banu Talabah tribes, were planning to raid the outskirts of Madinah. Therefore, Muhammad launched a per-empetitive strike with 450 men."

"After staying at Hamra al-Asad for three days, Muhammad returned to Medina. He captured Abu Azzah al-Jumahi as prisoner. Abu Azzah had previously been one of the prisoners of Badr. Abu 'Azzah 'Amr bin 'Abd Allah al-Jumahi had been treated kindly by Muhammad after the Battle of Badr, being a poor man with daughters, he had no means to pay ransom, he was released after Battle of Badr, on the condition that he would not take up arms against Muslims again. But he had broken his promise and participated in Battle of Uhud. He pleaded for mercy again, but Muhammad ordered him to be killed. Az-Zubair executed him, and in another version, Asim bin Thabit."

There is a timeline of the spreading of Islam during Mohammad's life here:

I do not claim to know anything about it. I am really curious about it though. It is hard to imagine a person that uses force to disseminate his ideas may have had that great of a message. But I am not interested enough to plow through ancient texts more than I have to see what all the hoopla is all about.

I appreciate that anyone, religious or not, want to improve their character and appreciate All That Is. I did experience this while visiting Muslim countries.

Please do not take offense at my questions. I am interested in learning more about it. It seems like Muslims would be up in arms (bad choice of words) over Wiki's historic facts if they believed them to be false. I remember the Salman Rushdy fiasco as well as the Danish cartoon outrage.

So where have you traveled over there? Are you living in the US now? Where are you parents (RIP and I am sorry for your loss) from?

Obviously You Have Lived in the Middle East

...and observed fathers there first-hand.

Some in the world believe "we" parent by turning the TV on for our kids and handing them the latest combat video game. Some believe "we" have exported our materialistic consumerism and tolerance of a sexualized mentality.

Unlike you, I have not traveled to the Arab world. I only have the experience of meeting many from Middle Eastern cultures and observing their character. I found them much like myself and loving their children very much. Perhaps that colors my thinking.


I didn't say that Muslim fathers

don't love their children. I'm saying that if they put their time and treasure into their families instead of into hate and warfare they would climb out of their problems very quickly. Instead they wallow in their problems, teaching the same loser mindset to the next generation. They don't love their kids enough to change their own obviously failed outlook, and to rise up and begin acting better. I know that it can be done, because I know people who have accomplished it.

Of course, Gold Meir never did live in Israel. She had no first-hand knowledge of how it is there. She had no clue about Muslim culture, none whatsoever.

Yes, I have been in a bit of the Muslim world. I also read like crazy. I can see what Islam does to men.

I have a Native-American friend who is the black sheep of his family because he stopped the drinking and bellyaching, decided to practice gratitude, started a business, and is sending his children to a private school. He grew up, stood up, and changed his progeny's future for the better. I have a physician friend who ran a medical clinic for a tribe. She ended up leaving because their incredible ingratitude caused them to curse and abuse her, and to plot evil against her. She knows why the Indians on the Rez live poor and birth so many babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, and why there is so much domestic abuse. They are doing this to themselves. They want to believe that their situation is someone else's fault. They will not love their children more than they love their ingratitude, their bad attitudes, and until they do, they won't make progress. Same with the Gazan people. It's not that hard of a concept for us to understand. Or maybe it is, or maybe we don't want to understand it......


If Jane Harmon becomes CIA chief...that will be your proof that Israel did Petraeus...forgot that.

This most recent event

is just Israel reacting to thier recent string of political setbacks.

The dude that was killed by the drone was working for Israel in Palestine...he was one of their guys...he must have screwed up.

Plus nut-n-yahoo's boy Rmoney lost.

The Presidents of Turkey and Egypt have both pledged support for the Palestinians and both are planning a visit there.

Of course, the Israeli's are the ones that set up Patreus...Paula Krantz AKA Paula Broadwell is CIA and is a Jewish inetelligence asset.

nut-n-yahoo has an election coming up so he needs to push the fear button.

And it has been a while since nut-n-yahoo killed some Palestinians and he needed to flex a little muscle.

It is all a politcal will blow over in a couple weeks....Israel won't go in on the ground. Just more of the same.

Question is who started this

Question is who started this fight?

I don't trust either of them.

I do not know who started

I do not know who started this latest round of fighting and I do not care. As far as I am concerned, what happens in the middle-east in none of my business and none of my country's business.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

The title is misleading.

Israel is launching its airstrike to destroy the Palestinian Fajr rockets of which 150 have been fired into Southen Israel over the past five days, killing three Israelis in their apartment, forcing schools to shut down, and Israeli civilians to take to bomb shelters. The airstrikes' purpose is to avoid a ground invasion. If the Fajr rockets are not destroyed, the more powerful, Iranian-made rockets could reach Tel-Aviv, resulting in even more loss of life, resulting in an Israeli ground invasion which would mean the deaths of thousands of Palestinians.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese



"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Israel's Beginning

Very interesting George Galloway clip orignially posted by Wolfe months ago.