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The terrorist state of Israel performing ethnic cleansing

Once again, the terrorist state of Israel is on a campaign to kill as many babies, womens and old people that they can.

On one side you have armored tanks and F15 jets. On the other side you have hungry people with rocks and Kalashnikov.

Why in the world are we supporting this regime?


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The title IS misleading.

How are these airstrikes ethnic cleansing? The knuckleheaded Hamas terrorists fired first.

Around DP

anything Israel does is bad to the bone, so consider the source. 200 rockets fired on Israel is of no consequence.

Funny how people like you

Funny how people like you keep pretending the Palestinians have never had their land occupied, colonized with Jewish only colonies, their women humiliated, their trade limited, their villages cut off from each other, etc. The Palestinians and Gazans in particular have the right to resist. Israel deserves much worse than rockets for its crimes. Now I don't want to see anyone die, but why are the Palestinians always supposed to behave like Gandhi?

I do not pretend

that one side is the spawn of the devil, and that the other side is as pure as the driven snow. That mindset is popular on DP.

I guess they do have the right to "resist"

but, they can expect Israel to do the same. That tends to not work out so well for the Arabs.

Would be nice if we ended the

Would be nice if we ended the special relationship crap. Might allow for a fair fight.

I don't think so.

As far as I know, we difn't have that special relationship in 1947,48 and Israel soundly defeated their Arab enemies. I'm not quite sure about the war in 67, though I know Israel was sorely outnumbered.

Jews set up state-of-the-art

greenhouses in Gaza, where millions of dollars of food were produced. Arabs were employed there. When the Jews left Gaza, the first thing the Arabs did was loot and wreck the greenhouses that they could have continued operate to make food and money. The Arabs did that to themselves, they did it to themselves. Most of their problems are self-inflicted. They act like foolish children, and until they grow up and behave like responsible adults, they will make no headway in this world.

We have people in America who are the same way, so we ought to know what we are looking at, here.

Either You Are Pro Israel (Zionism) or You Are Not

To the pro-Israel poster above, many call this tragic situation the Palestinian Holocaust as well as ethnic cleansing. An estimated 7.1 million Palestinians have been displaced since 1948. As far as how many have been killed, it depends upon whether you are asking Israel or one of the many organizations that attempt to keep count. Here is one:

"Approximately 1.5 million Palestinian civilians have died since 1948,including the victims of the ethnic cleansing campaigns in the west in 1948-50 and in the east since 1967. Civilian deaths have escalated dramatically in recent years since the zionists developed their obsession with the Palestinian birth-rate,and children are often the target. There is only a small fine for killing a Palestinian in cold blood. It's based on a weapons charge,not murder. To understand the genocidal character of this vile regime,one need only glance at the responses from zionists; at least half advocate or at least imply approval of the killing of non-jews. Adocating genocide is by the way a reportable offence on Y/A. Aproximately 2000 civilian Palestinians are killed each year. If you are jewish and you shoot an 8-year-old Palestinian girl in cold blood,you will have your weapons license revoked for three months and pay a fine equivalent to 50-100 dollars U.S. It's considered by the "government'"to be more or less the same thing as shooting squirrals within city limits with a .22. would be in America. Zionists love to murder Palestinian children and they do it all the time. The military handles the mass-murders. We are not talking about suicide bombers or militants; those figures fall into another category. I am referring to wanton killing of civilians."

Of course there is a Hamas. I am sure there are some paid militants involved and some othrs who would not be considered stellar fellers. However, if this were to happen to California there would be a Hamas and we would call them Freedom Fighters, not terrorists.
In closing, MANY jews both in Israel and other countries are absolutely against the killing being done in their names.


In the Middle Ages

the Jooz loved to kill Christian children! Are the Jooz still drinking the blood of the children they still love to kill?

Anti-Ron Paul Thinking - Spreading Hatred

...a lot of things happened during the Middle Ages ... later "we" committed racial cleansing against the Indians and kicked them off their land. Ron Paul looks forward, not backwards.

Days after Ron Paul's Farewell speech, this kind of thinking and talking is the antithesis of everything he said. He has many Jewish friends and there are many Jews working toward a better world.

I think it is instructive to look at the activism of this man, (a former Zionist and soldier for Israel and the son of a general):


And, then reflect on what Ron Paul said. This kind of thinking needs to be fought in every way possible if we are to move away from "war without end."

This not a "battle against Jews" and not even against Israel. The leadership is not so different from the current leadership of the US.
"We" are just a little less upfront about what we are doing.

Just as a policy of aggression has infiltrated both Parties and we are trying to place "good" people in positions where it can be countered, we have to realize the true nature of aggression and our part in it or we can't even imagine the eventual "blow-back" that will occur against "us" due to our actions.

Ideological war against a country (Israel) or war against the World (Zionism). Zionism is not associated with any religion, it is Godless and amoral. It is a policy of aggression by the elites against the moral people of the world. It has infiltrated the leadership of countries, administrations, science, health, academia, and just about everything else. It doesn't matter how or by whom "Zionism" was planned or orchestrated. It simply is borne of and depends upon the very lowest denominator in the nature of man.

It uses propaganda and sophisticated tactics of turning brother against brother. It uses language like "jooz" and "rag head" and "sheeples" and "goyim." A first step toward the non-aggression Dr; Paul was talking about is to recognize this and condemn this kind of uncivilized thinking and language....especially on the DP.


I am mocking the concept

that "Jooz" love to kill Muslim children, or any other children. That idea is as old as the hills, and is apparently still believed today. I am mocking the concept of the sub-human "Joo". Can you hear the horse laugh? You ought to be to, cause it's loud enough. Making people into sub-humans is the first step to genocide, as we can see from what happened in Germany during my parents' lifetime.

How is this anti-RP thinking, since he, as I do, see all people as human beings, made in the image of God?

But Do You See Them AS Equal

...human beings made in the image of God? Have you listened to any of the videos by "The General's Son" that have been posted, because he has a different perspective than you.

I see only sub-human Zionism, no sub-human Jews or sub-human Arabs.

I mentioned one Rabbi I met who thought much as I do. I met another sitting in a street fair booth with a sign "Ask the Rabbi." I asked what he if he believed in Zionism and got an answer I did not expect. He lashed out, "And why would I not? They were like cock-roaches wandering around the dessert on their camels until "we" came and brought civilization to the Middle East."

I wonder if it is true that in Israel you get little more than a slap on the wrist and your driver's license suspended if you kill an Arab child, it's not publicized and you plead in all cases "self-defense."

Perhaps you like that Rabbi have first hand knowledge of the real situation in Israel. Have you gone to a summer program in a kibbutz?
And, if so, did you find the discourse benign, Golden Rulish and like Ron Paul? Perhaps I am just very naive about the plight of the Palestinian people and the true intentions of those who set the rules in Israel. Perhaps I have it all wrong.


Human beings are of

one blood. We are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property. Human beings are to receive equally unbiased treatment in court. Is that equal enough for you?

All rabbis do not believe that there should be a State of Israel. Many are opposed to the idea, believing that Messiah is the one to to bring that about, and no one else. Religious leaders are the last ones that should be viewing other people as cockroaches, and that goes for both rabbis and imams. That attitude leads their people to a false view of their own humanity, to arrogance which leads to crimes.

Yes, I have been to Israel. I have seen the miracle the Jews have done with the land, reclaiming it from desert and swamp. I have seen the attitudes, and some of them are downright scary-on both sides. I have seen the stark difference between the Jewish and Muslim cultures. One of those cultures works hard and makes magnificent progress, and the other side doesn't. My neighbor worked at a kibbutz for 10 months. I have heard her stories, and I don't think she liked it. I know people who live in Israel and people who have lived in Saudi. I don't live in a vacuum.

Was Not Insinuating You Lived in A Vacuum

...was just surmising that you were Jewish and had, indeed, been to Israel.

And, yes, I shared two very different stories from two Rabbis. One that I identified with and learned from and one that scared me to death. I could probably have the same experieence with two Christian ministers at extremes.

LOL And don't take this wrong, but when I asked one Jewish friend about the kibbutz experience as I idealized it as being like my old hippie dream of living in a commune, she laughed and said, "Oh, Fonta, kibbutzes are where we send our bad little teenager boys for the summer so they will come back and appreciate what we are giving them here." I thought it was funny and hope you don't take offense. At the time I had a challenging little teenage boy who I felt needed a similar experience!

I appreciate you sharing some of your background as that does put your comments in a different perspective. However, I don't retract my statement that I know wonderful Arab people and I do not feel the militant element in Palestine is reflective of all Arabs nor do I believe that the Palestinian?Israel situation is unsolvable. I tend to agree with "The General's Son" that at this point, despite the past rightness or wrongness, a shared State would make the most sense.

I also agree with Ron Paul that it is not our battle which does not mean that we cannot support diplomatic approaches to peace in the Middle East which would be the best situation for all.


Ha ha,

I'm about as Jewish as a Chinaman. Which means: not a drop, just in case that is not clear. I don't live in a Jewish neighborhood. My neighbors are the only ones, and in fact, there are only a handful in my whole town, and they are the only ones I know (in this town).

I'm not in favor of communal living. I think that kibbutz life is a very bad way to raise children.

Of course there are wonderful Muslim people. I never claimed there there weren't. And there are plenty of Christian Arabs, too.

I think that the West has caused a huge problem in the Middle East by their meddling.

And Ron Paul

....would of course agree with you about meddling.

On a final note just out of curiosity and since I got everything else wrong about you...are you read headed or is the handle from Veggie-Tales?


Bump for Listening to Ron Paul

...which results in my not being able to edit my comment. I never want to edit my comment, because I listened to Ron Paul.

Fight bigotry and division and backwards anti-Ron Paul thinking on the DP or we have little moral foundation for much of anything. And, nothing will change.


If I were Israeli, I would whole-heartedly support

my country's military launching air strikes on Hamas and doing whatever necessary to crush any organizer opposition to Israeli rule the same as if Native American Indian tribes were trying to take over swaths of the Unitef States.

As far as all that other stuff you mentioned that happened in the past, if it's not going on today, it's irrelevant to today's airstrikes, therefore justifying my calling thus post misleading. I'm completely unfamiliar with Israel's legal and judicial system. If you've got a link or two to back up what you're claiming relating to discriminatory murder laws in Israel, I'd be most appreciative.

Please Read This News Release Slowly:

Written by presumed Israeli's, and published by Bloomberg:

I'm very sorry, but the original news story from Bloomberg that was posted, stating that a Palestinian child had been killed, has been changed !

Some call this tactic,"War by Deception"!


I refer you the question I

I refer you the question I asked below. What would you do and your country do if Mexico occupied a portion of our land? What would you do if Mexico set up colonies within our land? Gaza is STILL occupied! Israel controls its borders, airspace, and port. It won't allow Gazans to import many things, including crayons! I think your type would be the first to put a bullet through the head of any invader and occupier. Stop being a hypocrite. The Palestinians have a right to resist. Why does the world expect Palestinians to be the one people to be like Gandhi?

Actually, the reverse happened.

In the 1820s and 30s, Americans started setting up settlements in Mexico until they became too powerful for the Mexican government to control, when that happened, those settlements formed their own country and soon joined with the U.S. When a border dispute broke out with Mexico, the U.S. invaded Mexico and when they surrendered, forced them to sell the entire northwest of their country to the United States. The U.S. then occupied that former Mexican territory. Palestinians fighting for autonomy in Gaza would be like Mexicans, with the help of Mexico fighting for autonomy and their own country in Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Likewise, Israel is responding no different than we would in that situation. Israel gained Gaza through war - just like the U.S. gained the southwestern US - through war. That means Gaza belongs to Israel and just like we can do with AZ what we want, Israel can do with Gaza what it wants.

Um, no, Israel cannot do

Um, no, Israel cannot do "whatever it wants" with Gaza, or Gazans. International laws such as the Geneva Convention put an end to that kind of thinking. If Israel wants to continue to hold onto Gaza, or the West Bank for that matter, it must make the citizens there equal citizens of Israel, which it never did. Notice we made the Mexicans living in the areas that became part of American full American citizens. Israel never did that. Try again.

Wrong on so many levels.

International law is nothing more than a gentleman's agreement. Who's going to enforce it? The UN? That would be a nightmare. The US? What's the difference (no pun intended).

We own Puerto Rico, but, Puerto Rocoans do not have the same privileges and immunities as us since Pierto Rico is not a state. Also, Palestinians living in Israel Proper are Israeli citizens with voting rights. There are lots of Palestinians in Israel's Knesset (or whatever they call it).

The US is a signee to the

The US is a signee to the Geneva Convention! Are you serious?

Um, your ignorance of this issue is maddening. Puerto Ricans get to decide if they want to be part of the US or not. Gazans and the West Bank Palestinians are never given the option to become Israeli citizens. This is NOT about the Palestinians within Israel's pre 67 borders.

Israel gained Gaza through war

You're absolutely right. Maybe you've forgotten about the Fourth Geneva Convention that Israel was a signatory to. You may want to look it up. Here's the relevant portion (Article 49):

"The occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own population into the territories it occupies."

Did Israel

forcibly deport its own people into Gaza or did they move their of their own accord? If Israel owned Gaza and Israelis moved their on their own, that would be no different from Americans moving to Guam.

Now you're...

...sounding like Clinton: "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."

By the way, the Fourth Geneva Convention was written for the protection of civilians in war. You really should read it and while you're at it, read the history behind it -- I think you'll find it interesting.

You are quite simply sounding

You are quite simply sounding like a fool. America does not have American only colonies on Guam. Israel does have Jewish ONLY colonies sprinkled through out the West Bank. And it STILL occupies Gaza by controlling its airspace, its borders and port. Give it up.

Unless Israel is willing to

relinquish its claim on Gaza and treat Gaza as a separate country, of course it's going to control Gaza's airspace. I personally think Israel should give up Gaza and wipe its hands of the whole mess. But, if it did that it wouldn't be long and it would have to invade the country of Gaza and take over again since Hamas would not be satisfied with Gaza. Unless Usrael and the Palestinians can work out some kind of two-state solution or Israel can manage to beat Hamas into subjection I don't think any of this is ever going to stop.

And ad far as Usrarl having separate settlements for Israrlis in the West Bank, that's probably for the better. From what I hear they don't get along too well with West Bank Palestinians.