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TMOT - Secession: Obama says Bring It


TMOT says what has been on my mind. I'm not sure if this has been posted or not already. The only reason I haven't signed the Secession Petitions on whitehouse.gov is because I feel like I'd be putting my name up on a "Come and Get Me" list. To me it's just asking to be identified DIRECTLY, to Obama, and put on one of his Tuesday morning Kill Lists.

As for Secession though, I have no resolves against it. In fact I will be contacting my State Reps and Senators to see how they feel about it and Nullification. I won't be petitioning the White House though... I'll stick with my State Legislatures.

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Just my 2 cents...

Hello everyone, I want to provide my opinion on the topics TMOT talked about. I want to make it clear that I have no intention of insulting anyone, but there are no sacred cows in this world, so everything needs to be scrutinized and analyzed in search for truth. The first thing I want to mention is that the stakes are much higher than what people think – this is not just a “United States of America” issue. What is going on in the US, to some extent, has already happened in many countries all over the world, but people fail to research in order to understand. There is a huge struggle going on in the entire world, so in order to understand what we need to do, we need to first understand who our enemy is (when I say “our,” I am referring to all liberty-loving, peaceful, hardworking and productive men and women all over the world. The parasites that don’t want to work, are the ones that want to control everything and everyone – having us beg bread from them! I have identified three different groups in the world:
1. People acting as god on this earth – they believe they have the right to tell others how to live their lives. These people created and control the World’s Legal and Monetary system.
2. People who receive great monetary benefit from serving the first group. The second group includes bankers, politicians, CEO’s, reporters, actors, etc. These people have been given special privileges because they have compromised their moral values and have succumbed to certain pressures and have joined certain secret groups. This group is easily controlled through blackmail or monetary benefit.
3. People who stick to high moral values, respect other’s liberty, property and don’t dare do anything to others that they wouldn’t want done to them.

This is the most simplistic model of how the world is organized at this point in time. In order for any nation, including the US of A, to restore its government from the paws of the fascist rulers, they must first understand who is pulling the strings. You will not SOLVE anything by changing the President, Representatives, Judges, etc. since they are part of the second group – you have to go to the root of the matter. People need to do more research (and less video games, football, movies, etc.) in order to glean the truth from what has happened in history. In order to understand who the first group is, people need to research the true history of Banking, International Law (Admiralty Law, Trust Law), Communism, Fascism and Secret Societies.

The person who is wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove will take his/her time to research before taking part in futile activities. There are many things that we partake in that are futile, though we may think we are doing something, but are only deceiving ourselves. The first group loves when people fall into their trap, based on ignorance of how things truly work around the world.

• Secession: The world powers will never let this happen since the United States is the engine that is driving the New World Order to all countries around the world – fiat currency, theft of resources through corporatism, militarism, etc. At this point in time, the US population is in the process of being taken to the level of a third world nation since the parasite’s perfect model is their creation in China - $1 a day labor, perfected in the Paraguayan communes from the early 1600s to the mid-1750s. The Rosicrusians, Shriners, high-level Masons, Knights of Malta and Jesuits will know what I’m talking about. So yes, this is a free “CHANCE” card that will get you on the list. Being on a list is not a problem for me, but exposing myself ignorantly is a problem. Monopoly is a good description of how the world economic system works.
• UN Governance: This is the new Corporation that will govern the entire world. Please research all laws that nations have passed which are destroying the little sovereignty that each nation still has left. The UN is the Chinese model applied to the entire globe – which is exactly what the 1st Reich set out to do.
• Infiltrators: Yes, this is so true. Reporters and people who supposedly shed “light” to things need to be scrutinized closely. From my research, Alex Jones is one of these since he always uses truth mixed with lies to deceive. I have seen him shy away from certain topics, and someone who is in search for truth, will not shy away from any topic.
• Getting liberty-minded people elected to office: This will not solve any of the issues either since the system is rigged against people who love truth – like Ron Paul. The only way of killing the beast that has been unleashed is extremely difficult since all of us have become dependent on its workings. The few nations that are striving to retain sovereignty in the world are now falling like dominoes – Iraq, Lybia, Syria, etc. If everyone stops taking fiat currency as payment and stops searching for employment in huge corporations, then the beast would die – this would be the only solution to the world’s problems.

My fellow brothers and sisters, the stakes are much higher. We need to dig deeper so as to understand the real problem so we can make wiser decisions and not get caught up in fruitless battles. I myself am working hard to get out of the city and become self-sufficient, since our fiat-currency dependency is part of this problem. The government prostitutes will continue to sell people down the river because their coffers are full and have lost touch of how real life is - working long hours for low wages. It really saddens me when I think of how awful things will be when my children are grown up, but we have to cope and prepare for what's coming.

Then Birther Talk was valid for-the-win -- right?

What did it accomplish?

Right now how many votes for Secession do you think there would be in a general election?

Most RPers are not going to push for secession -- Rand Paul wont.

I bet you might get 1% of 1% in a general election level vote -- a vote for secession.

Free-Markets according to Mises are regulated by consumers -- they "vote" with their dollars not at the ballot box.

Ballot Box voting is a prelude to all Wars ever fought. The people elect, the elected vote, then we go do war (intervention).

Voting IS circumvention of consumer-will -- It is Gov't Intervention.

I'm glad some guys had the stones to sign the seccesion petition

known as the Declaration of Independence.

The problem with TMOT's

The problem with TMOT's argument is it can be made to anything, like DailyPaul, Alex Jones, Ron Paul etc.. really anything where you are using your "voice" to be heard.

Every dollar you sent to Ron paul could be used to identify you and put you on a "list." Every TMOT subscriber could be put on a list. Every DailyPaul member could be put on a list. and so on..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

exactly what i said on youtube in replying to this video

its sorta fearmongering...he is probably right but...people wrote in ron paul are on lists...the negative comments we all made on yahoo..dp...youtube...is monitored by big brother! obama is a pussy when it comes down to it...is why he lied then sighned the ndaa in secret on night of new years...him and the establishment do all in secret cause of their fear of alarming the masses...whats he gonna do...round up millions of petition signers and it go unoticed and start the inevitable real revolution...he doesnt have those big of balls!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!

Secession Talk is Juvenile

RP did NOT get even 3% of the vote in the General Election.

Primary Voting was way down from 2008 -- less people showed.

Even if EVERYONE who voted Romney (as there were RP folk who voted Romney and RP folk who voted Obama) were to want Secession there would not be enough in any one state to actually pull it off.

It's worse than talking about Obama's Birth Certificate as an avenue to have an Obama-free existence, hahahahaha.

Voting (abdication of consumer-rule)

Lobbying (is bribery)

You completely miss the

You completely miss the point. The TALK about it IS good. The petitions are getting more media attention than any local liberty representative would ever get. That IS good.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Actually I'm 42 years old and voted for RP in '88

studied Economics and Finance at the MBA-level and been reading Misesian Thought for over 2 decades -- so NO -- I didn't "miss the point"

Is Ron Paul making any serious "secession talk" -- I've been out of the loop last few weeks, maybe I missed the video or article *please post it*

If 30+% (or whatever the final figure) of the General Election pop voted for Romney and nearly 60% voted Obama -- how many of those numbers (NOT THE BELOW 2008 PRIMARY VOTER TURNOUT FOLKS -- who had RP at what 10%, if that) do you HONESTLY think will vote for secession?

My guess is it will be 99% white people and their total number will not become greater than 1% of the general election populace -- probably not even 1% of the primary election turnout populace.

It will be Birther-Worthy -- Another "blight" on the reputation of the Tea Party believed to be filled with "Racists and Uncle Toms" (not my view or words).

We can LOGICALLY get into a Free-Society but it will not come from chicken-little issues -- remember we have to convince people to "join us" not drive them away or incite derision from Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow (et al).


the more this becomes news and more it spreads it weakens them...the weak little pathetic scoundrals they are...the low life back stabbing wretches they are cannot be exposed to the light ...cause they are like filthy vampires that only have strength in the shadows...expose them to the light and they will wither!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!

Building 7 -- There's a "truth" that NEVER gets any real-time

big media coverage -- Even when Jesse and others have talked about it on national television there has yet to be a "serious" "sober" discussion about the implications.

Do you think Secession Talk will make a bigger "truth" impact that Building 7?

Secession Talk will be viewed as racism -- When you film people who are in favor of it they will be 99% white people and only about 1% of 1% of the general election voting populace.

That's it -- let's put all our energy there -- it's logical.

Meditating on Free-Market Theory should produce logical thinking, not irrational.

States can be just as Tyranical as Central Gov'ts -- California is the 5th largest economy in the world -- if it seceded do you think my 1 out of 37,000,000 war-cry will be any louder than the hiccup?

Hahahahaha -- You guys can invest in whatever fantasy football type plan you want -- I'm not stopping you.

Google this

google cahiers de doleances. This airing out your grievances reminds me of the cahiers de doleances, just before the bloody French revolution.

Proud to Stand Up

TMOT your on your own now, When the going gets tough you got going. So go on...get. I am proud to say I signed up for Illinois and for Ron Paul.

This time don't give us Barabbus!

I get what thus man is

I get what thus man is saying. It sounds like the Chicago way of critical thinking. However, we are becoming so anonymous as it is, no one will be identified as existing at all. Private phone callers, anonymous cell phone users and internet id's. Surely at some point we are safer and wiser to acknowledge our identity so there is less identity theft or misuse of anonymous nameless people even when voting...let alone stand up for a protest or dissenting point of view otherwise Obama's already won if we become afraid to claim our own identity.

I don't even like going to the government sites. Period

Much less sign anything on one.


The Only Thing Is

that you don't have to put your first and last names on the petition. Just one or the other. Can they still track you down?


Hundreds of thousands of people have signed these petitions...

There's only about 2 million people serving in the US military, and many of those people are Ron Paul supporters.

The funny things is that the type of people signing these petitions are likely among the productive working class of society. Disappearing a sizable portion of these people would only worsen the financial crisis and decrease tax revenue. If they want to cut off their nose to spite their face... so be it.

If we still have the Constitution....

and it guarantees the right to petition for the redress of grievances, then people who sign the secession petitions should have nothing to fear. But, if TMOT believes signers will be targeted by the government, then perhaps we don't still have the constitution.
Whether you signed a petition or not, these secession petitions have raised awareness of the issue. Of course, they were not going to change anything in themselves. Since a state has a right to leave the Union, it doesn't need permission. Because the people of each state are sovereign, they do not need to ask the federal government if they can leave. The White House said the petitions entered on their web site with the requisite signatures would be answered. I want to know what the federal government's position on peaceful secession is. The states can secede, but will the federal government turn violent again? A lot has changed since 1860 as far as the relationship of the states to D.C. and one section of the country to another. If Georgia in the old USSR could secede, why not Georgia in the U.S.A?

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

This guy reminds me of a political version.....

...of Young Jeezy.

I couldn't agree more

I was suspicious from the get go, especially considering that the right is carried out by the states and not granted by govt. People need to be vigilant. A battle is rarely fought without knowledgeable minds making plans, one does not simply run out in front of the enemy and say, "here I am...shoot me." One will rarely advance or gain any ground in this manner, even if he manages to get off a shot.

I hope the union holds, but I do think this is a wake up call for many on all sides of the table. Eventually, if things don't change, I definitely see some states seceding in the next 10 years. I guess we'll see though!

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Your thinking feeds the government agenda group think.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"
- Benjamen Franklin upon signing the Declaration of Independence.


XM / series radio. Let it happen. Get out the message of Freedom. When TMOT talks, people listen. There is a million people that would tune you in on their way to work.

It never ceases to amaze me,,,

the duplicity of the human mind especially when it works against the very nature of the good of the people... STAND UP, STAND TOGETHER AND BE BRAVE!

One bad thing tho... fear makes you afraid to stand up...

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I like and appreciate

all of what TMOT does in trying to inform people. The problem in trying to vote out those in government who are against freedom is the fact there is so much fraud in the system. It was made very clear during this last primary and election cycle, we can't trust the results. Too often those in power will do anything to make sure they get the results they want.

As far as being identified or on a list, we are already identified just by the fact we are online talking and reading about liberty, as being part of the liberty movement. Just as those who buy guns now have to be licensed, are identified. Maybe it's my age but after growing up in the 1950s where freedom was encouraged and a big part of what we were taught in school, where we are headed now isn't something I could ever imagine wanting to be part of. I have no desire to merely exist, to me this is not living and I really have no interest in existing in a country where we are 'living' under authoritarianism. Yes, I want it to be a peaceful revolution but if I am willing to shrink away via fear, from signing a petition stating my grievances against the federal government I am already admitting defeat, they've won.

How long do we wait to decide where that line in the sand is because we are too afraid we could be put on a list?

I hear ya

But it's not the fear of being put on a list that's stopped me from signing the petition. It's the DIRECT exposure of myself to the White House, that stopped me from signing. Yea, I may be on a list somewhere already, but NSA/CIA/FBI/name your Alphabet Soup Agency has to do some digging to know exactly who I am. That and I am petitioning my STATE LEGISLATURES for secession. What is a petition of individuals, signing petitions for states they don't even live in, gonna do?

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

I can't nor do I want to

speak for others. We all have to do what we feel is right as individuals. If I am put on a list for peacefully expressing my opinion, so be it. I live in California where we have had a horrendous anti-liberty legislature for decades, I have gone the route of addressing this state's legislature for years, if you can get somewhere via your state's legislature, more power to you.


and respect :)

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

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Gosh, we need TMOT in Congress or Senate!

He will be one of the steadfast light in those dark hallways in WA DC.

He's afraid to sign a

He's afraid to sign a petition I don't think we need his fearless self in any public office and I don't feel like listening to him anymore. What are we a bunch of cowards?

This time don't give us Barabbus!

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I run pretty....

parallel to this mans objections

James Madison


I need to know more about this man. What a video.
You can bet that the White House has it's problem child lists.

The liberty movement's achilles heel is their lack of history education.

"The only thing new is the history you don't now" - Harry Truman