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Petition for Ron Paul to hold a Press Conference with Barack Obama

I am extremely skeptical about the petitioning process of the White House. It appears that most will be discarded, if not, outright ignored.

Between Dr. Paul's farewell speech on Thursday, November 14th and the recent petitions for each state to secede (something that does not require "permission"), I decided to try my own.

I hope and pray that this will give Dr. Paul the opportunity to make an impression on Barack Obama about the direction of this country. Even if the President were to grant such a meeting, I again, highly doubt it would change his destructive policies.

Despite the odds against us, I hope you will sign the following petition!

We petition the obama administration to:
Hold a Press Conference with Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) to discuss the issues facing Americans today.

Congressman Ron Paul, Representative of the 14th District of Texas, has been the Champion of Liberty in his 12 terms in Congress and 3 Presidential runs. His views have had a profound influence on a large and growing number of people across the country. Despite his growing influence, his views are marginalized by opponents in his own political party.

Congressmen Ron Paul has served honorably as an Air Force flight surgeon, a private physician as well as in his 12 terms in the House of Representatives. We the People, respectfully request that Congressman Ron Paul have a meeting with President Barack Obama, followed by a press conference where both can discuss the important issues prior to Congressman Paul's retirement from in January 2013.

Here is the link:


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