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Alex Jones 11-15-12: Secessionist Movement, Draft Ron Paul to Restore the Republic

Link for entire program thanks to Thimbleberry
Alex Jones Show: Thursday (11-15-12) Edwin Vieira Jr. & Lew Rockwell


Alex Jones will break down what the exploding secessionist movement really means and the federal government's plan to crush the states and sideline their rights guaranteed under the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment. Constitutional lawyer Edwin Vieira, Jr. will examine the different angles on the burgeoning movement and Alex will give you the key to true secession and how it can lead to true restoration of the Republic. We will also cover the historic farewell speech by Rep. Ron Paul on this Thursday, November 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show.

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Didn't AJ

turn his back on Dr Paul during the election run?

As much as I like Jones

I have to agree with you. I watched Jones's reaction very closely after the Romney endorsement from Rand. He was very upset and talked about the Paul family as though they betrayed him. Who can blame him, though? We all felt that way and I'm sure it was good for his ratings. Additionally, when Paul started to get more popular, Paul did not go on the show. I am happy that Paul came back on The Alex Jones Show last week, but we just have to be real about these things.

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If you'd actually listen to

If you'd actually listen to the show, he compliments Rand Paul often especially today. He said he is doing the right things to be president and is a great guy; however, he feels that the country doesn't have enough time to wait for Rand Paul.


...but nice try to smear Jones. I know his son, RAND "playin' the game" Paul did.

Brother Winston Smith

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Jones ran his big fat mouth about Ron Paul, as well. Here's just one thread from that time period related to Jones demonizing RON Paul:

I remember that time period well. I had mixed feelings about Jones ever since he ran his mouth about Medina, but I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt because he always spoke well of Ron. I no longer trust Jones in any way, shape, or form.

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No links to alex jones himself actually saying something bad about Ron or Rand. Jones haters are so funny and amusing.


I can understand why others want a direct link--many don't have time to search for certain videos, comments, etc. At other times, I get annoyed when SOME people practically demand a link. Am I your Mommy? Do I have to hold your hand? You aren't aware that google will give a plethora of information when used as a search engine?

Anyway, here's a DIRECT link to a youtube video of Alex running his mouth about both Rand and RON:

And, for the record, I don't hate Jones. I just do not trust him anymore. Even after he ran his mouth about Medina, he did say to still vote for her. In my opinion, the damage had already been done! He may have said nice things about Ron and/or Rand recently,after the airing of the linked video---I would not know. I no longer listen to anything he has to say--again, the damage has already been done.

In my opinion, if Jones wants to be a 'leader' in the liberty movement, then he needs to be more responsible with his verbalizations.

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Despite being an jerk, you did give a link, even though he didnt bad mouth the Paul's, he was just reporting on what happen. So, by supplying this link, you are saying that none of us should have been angry about Rand supporting Romeny?


perhaps I am a jerk, but at least I know that the correct grammar would be "what happened" not "what happen".

I was upset about Rand's support of Romney!! I still don't know what that whole thing was about. At this point, all I can do is continue to monitor how Rand votes--like I monitor other politicians. There have been a few things I have not agreed with concerning Rand's Senatorial voting, but they haven't been deal breakers yet. I did NOT 100% agree with Dr. Paul, either. Can any person 100% agree with another? I think not. It hasn't happened to me, yet.

Anyway, although Jones wasn't in his usual 'loud rant' mode in that video, he DID bad mouth the Pauls. Do you suffer from selective hearing?

Let the downvoting continue!!

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

This is exactly why...

there is such irritation with being compelled to ACTUALLY SUPPLYING LINKS... they usually discredit folks, and often prove THE OPPOSITE of their accusations. Actually Jones was rather restrained, with the disappointing Ron campaign and Rand's DISGUSTING SELLOUT OF HIS OWN FATHER on the ANTI-PAUL FAKE-conservative Hannity show, and then a few weeks later... TO COME OUT IN SUPPORT OF ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY with the rest of the FAKE-conservative republican party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Exactly he speaks very highly

Exactly he speaks very highly of Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

He gave him an amazing tribute on the show today.

Drafting Ron Paul

Good show. Lots of clips from Ron Paul's speech. Nullification!

Paul did a great job.

Jones is doing a great job. Two great American patriots. Thanks for posting.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

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Edwin Vieira, Jr. is praising the incorruptibility of Ron Paul.

This is great to hear.

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Thanks for the post!

He always gives good and interesting info.

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Constitutional lawyer Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. will be a guest.

AJ doesn't fool around. It's crunch time in America.

Thanks Steve

+ 1.
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Appreciated, LL.

DP is everything Ron Paul, like this.