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Rush Limbaugh, "We are the Party of Liberty" Discussing Ron Paul Farwell Address

Dont have the video, but post it here and I will add it. Rush talking about Ron Paul today 1:17pm EST.


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How would Ron appeal to women

How would Ron appeal to women more than any other Republican? Ron doesn't believe in giving them free abortion and free contraception, which is why they voted for Obama in the last election. The Republican Party is never going to win over single women voters. They need to just concentrate on getting more of the hispanic voters and black voters.

I've never known a woman who voted for president because

she wanted abortion legal. Ever. Those pro-choice see it as one of a bundle of issues, not as a top issue. When they use it as a top issue, there is always something else underneath, imho.

What woman have you personally ever known who truly based their vote on that?

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I know women like that

Not all women, probably not even most, but there certainly are those who make that top priority. Don't doubt me.

Not true. I have met many

Not true. I have met many women (and men) who judge a candidate by their stance on abortion. I have heard plenty of people say ...but he would make abortion illegal....

Hispanics and Blacks clearly

Hispanics and Blacks clearly vote on race and vote for those who send them money and free schooling.

The numbers are already in--whites making under $50K did not come out to vote for Romney.

Solve that one, and Republicans can still win. Hint: Amnesty won't help. Tax cuts won't help (they hardly pay taxes.)

They don't want their kids being sent off to these idiot wars, and they don't want their government to constantly import new people to compete with for wages and neighborhoods.

Longtime Internet Poster

How COULD Ron Appeal to Women?

...you asked. I am sure your intent was not to create another division and yet a new "us" (in this case men) and "them" (in this case women); however, I took it that way and found it both erroneous and very offensive.

Many of the females O'Bama attracted undoubtedly were welfare proponents and college females still in their "pollyanna" stage; however, I seriously doubt that "free" abortion and "free" contraceptives are the be-all lure attracting females.

You stated that "the Republican Party is NEVER going to win over single female voters and should concentrate on Hispanics and blacks. I suppose you mean "male" Hispanics and blacks as a fair number in those two categories are also female.

Perhaps you don't always recognize females by blog names. There are mahy females on this blog and many are single.

How Ron Paul Appeals to Females:

1. Many are intelligent and just as interested in and capable of comprehending liberty issues as males.

2. Many females see the downward spiral and care about the world they leave for their children and grandchildren.

3. Many females have religious roots and are glad that Dr. Paul does as well while noting that he does not alienate anyone of any faith thereby setting an example for all of us.

4. Many females are pro-life and recognize this as a divisive issue agreeing that perhaps interim kicking the issue back to the States is a good approach while lauding his "Sanctity of Life" bill.

5. Many females recognize the wisdom that comes from a lifetime of studying economics, social climate, monetary policy and see that wisdom in Ron Paul and the banality in most politicians.

6. Many females oppose foreign intervention and perhaps see and relate to the desires of mothers and sisters and daughters all over the world and take that into consideration when evaluating the purpose, justice and morality in our activities overseas.

7. Many females see the character and qualities in Ron Paul the man, the husband, the father, the grandfather and either recognize those qualities in what they love about their husbands, fathers and grandfathers or they wish that those qualities were resident in the males around them.

Ron Paul appeals to many females and in a better world he would appeal to all of them. I think if he read your post he would just shake his head which is yet another reason Ron Paul appeals to females. Thank goodness your statement does not reflect the mind-set of all "real conservative" males.

Cordially & Peace,
A "real" conservative female


Gave Myself A Shameless Bump

....for all of the females on this blog.


Most women don't give a whit

about free abortions or free contraception. Women vote democratic more than Republican because women are more liberal than men in general.

Josh Brueggen
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He was agreeing with Ron

He was agreeing with Ron about economic freedom, but not social freedom. Still believing the government must legislate morality.

It was a very odd segment.

It was a very odd segment. If you didn't know the facts, you'd think with it that Ron was a Romney supporter. Rush didn't even acknowledge that Paul hates militarism and the drug war.

who cares

what he says? He is a discredited liar. Do you enjoy listening to propaganda and lies? Is it fun or entertaining or something? I don't get why anybody would pay the slightest attention to this disgusting person.

I don't think

that it's necessarily because they "like him"...I use it as a sort of yardstick to see where the mainstream hacks are going with their propaganda and lies.

You know...and my enemies even closer...

Exactly lol. Why give people like him anything

Attention. Status. Curiosity.

It's what they feed off of.

Don't feed them.

And don't gobble down whatever crumbs they *deliberately* leave out there to suck you in to the illusion they are important.


The same Rush Limbaugh who

The same Rush Limbaugh who said he prefers Obama to Ron Paul.

I know Newt Gingrich suggested

I know Newt Gingrich suggested that he wouldn't vote for Ron Paul over Obama.


But, I don't listen to Rush. Did he actually say that he would prefer Obama to Ron Paul also? What a bunch or RINO's!!!!

Yes, he actually said that.

Yes, he actually said that. Obama's foreign policy is little different from Bush's, and that's what matters to Rush Limbaugh.

What was that fool

saying this time?

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