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War on Liberty: Shot #1

There have been some really great posts on the DP recently. Two in particular that I'd like to recommend we ACT on:

1. The war on Liberty - Our battle to restore Liberty in America.
2. Widespread Noncompliance - One of our weapons in this war.

Shot #1:
o Withdraw your cash savings (FRNs) from the bank, and keep them in your living space (recommend security measures such as a safe - non electronic - and a pistol.)

o When you need to pay bills, make a deposit to cover your expenditures (slight cushion).

o When you are paid, withdraw (or do not deposit) more than you need for expenditures.

By doing this en-mass we can have an impact on fractional reserve banking, and this them where it hurts.

Up Vote if you're in! (Other suggestions?)

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I've been in

...wondering when everyone else would start doing the same.

robot999's picture

Me 2

been doing this for a long time. After I read the Excellent post on Widespread Noncompliance. This is something fairly easy that others might not have thought about, but could make a big impact (en mass).

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa