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Electoral College reform!

(Another) Petition to reform the Electoral College. Instead of winner take all in each state, the electoral vote is determined at the congressional district level by popular vote within that district. This would make the elections fairer, aside from all the corruption.


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All that would do is change

All that would do is change it from a 51 game World Series to a contest with over 535 contests.

Electoral College doesn't need to change. It's perfect the way it is. It gives both people and the state power in picking the President. Each person gets a vote and each state decides how those votes will be counted towards the final election which takes place at the electoral college.

What you are proposing is that the federal government again intervene in the rights of the states to decide how to apportion their electors. When has the federal government ever fixed something by taking control of it? If you want your state to revert from winner-take-all to being District-wide contests, then you need to appeal to your state's leadership, not the federal government.


Wouldn't it be nice

if the electoral college operated like caucuses do, following Roberts Rules of order and such? I can dream can't I? lol

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