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A Couple Observations

So, this week was my first time being back in this forum after a few months of being gone. I just wanted to share a few things that I have noticed since I got back before I peace out and head back overseas to finish my research for my masters. Whenever I am working on that I have very little personal free time and tend not to use it in forums. Of course, I will pop in every now and then before I am done. Here is my insight, do what you will with it.

-I think there should be some kind of alert for new comers that they do not have to hate Obama to be here. I do not hate Obama any more or less than I do not hate Bush, Romney, McCain, Palin, or whoever else you want to lump in that group. I simply think he is not best suited for the Presidency. If we are going to say Obama is horrible that is fine, but I think we can do it with tact. I read one comment on a thread where someone said Obama is not an American because he is from “the least American state,” which is of course Hawaii?..... That seemed like an absurd comment to me.

-We need to remember democrats are not the enemy. In fact, many of them have some very libertarian ideas and they just do not realize what they are saying is more libertarian than democrat.

-I had a professor tell me once (a right leaning economics professor) that comparisons to Hitler and nazi occupied Germany are an amateur historians attempt to make a relevant observation. I thought that was harsh when he said it and I still think it is harsh. However, it is partly true. He went on to explain that there are more instances throughout history where societies reject Hitler type authoritarianism and prevail, however history rarely teaches us those instances because they do not seem as noteworthy as people like Hitler. I agree some things going on right now are scary and unproductive to freedom, this does not mean tomorrow the Gestapo will be knocking at your door. This means we need to work against those forces in a rational and peaceful manner.

-I assure you that new libertarian minded people will be coming our
way within the next four years. Look at the effect Ron Paul has made with college speaking tours. People from both parties are sick of wars and most are sick of huge government even if they do not realize it. Calling those people “sheep” is completely ineffective as far as helping them see the light. I am not worried about media bias, or libertarian candidate black outs (of course that sucks but it is not what could ruin us) I am worried about us pushing new comers away by screaming HITLERS COMING OBAMA IS A FOREIGN BORN COMMUNIST AND YOU ARE A SHEEP!!!!!!!!! It just seems so (as I said a minute ago) ineffective.

-I’ve noticed a tendency of people bashing Atlas Shrugged. It is not a bible, it should not be adhered to as though it is. However, reading Atlas Shrugged got me thinking about economics in more of a free market mindset. No matter what horrible things people have to say about Ayn Rand (ie she is a Zionist communist jewish plagerizing stupid loser….) Atlas Shrugged tells one of the greatest stories ever; the story of a once great economic system that collapses under government manipulation.

-Bill Maher is not the worst person ever as some threads would try to have us believe. All throughout the campaign season we complained about the media black out of Ron Paul. Bill Maher did not participate in that black out, and while he probably voted for Obama, and does not agree with every single thing Ron Paul says he promoted some of Ron Paul’s ideas. I spent two years talking to a friend about Ron Paul who never seemed to catch on, then he called me one night after watching Bill Maher and said he was finally beginning to understand.

-I used Ayn Rand and Bill Maher as examples simply because I have seen a decent amount of negative comments about them in some threads. My main point, is just because they do not agree with every single thing you think does not make them the enemy.

-Gary Johnson is not the enemy and neither are his voters.

-More importantly we are not each other’s enemies. We are assets to each other and to our communities. We have people in this forum considering running for local offices! That is amazing and we should support each other in those endeavors. Some people have commented that we will never have a 3rd party pres. That might be true but we can have libertarian members of small and local governments across the country and an excess of those might even be more powerful than one single libertarian president. Maybe smaller money bombs for some of our members who are pursuing a spot in a local government?

-I am definitely not trying to monitor free speech (clearly the Ron Paul forums would be the wrong place to do that! Lol), I just think that the message we all agree on is prosperity through peace and we can start with each other. We will not agree on everything, but that does not make one of us more of a libertarian than the other and any claims towards that are simply untrue.

-Last but not least, have a great holiday season everyone. Spend time with your friends and family and enjoy that time. Laugh about something stupid; it feels good. I have had fun here the past few days, we have a smart and talented group of people in this forum and it has been interesting talking with everyone. I am heading to an airport to fly to London and finish my research, I can’t wait to come back here in a few months and see how everyone is doing.

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Adios! Don't let the TSA play

Adios! Don't let the TSA play grab ass with you on the way out the door.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown