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Petition: Restore the name of the Defense Department to the War Department

In 1949, the name of the War Department was changed to the Department of Defense. The absolute motives of the name change are irrelevant to this request. However, the consequences of the name change are relevant.

The use of the term Defense implies that it is a department concerned with the defense of Our nation. This is anything but the actual case. Since 1949, America has only once been under the threat of imminent attack yet the U.S. Central Government has conducted several wars of aggression against various countries - many of which were third world countries that posed little if any threat to U.S. sovereignty. This is inconsistent with the name - Defense Department. On the other hand, the name - War Department - does not specify the offensive or defensive nature of conflicts.

Sign the petition here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/restore-name-defen...

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Records of the Office of the Secretary of War (archive)

Records of the Office of the Secretary of War 1791-1947


Established: By the act creating the War Department, August 7, 1789 (1 Stat. 49). Functions: Supervised all activities of the War Department. Responsible for naval affairs until 1798 and for military bounty lands, military pensions, and Indian affairs until 1849.

Abolished: Effective September 18, 1947, by the National Security Act of 1947 (61 Stat. 501), July 26, 1947.

Successor Agencies: Office of the Secretary of the Army, Department of the Army, National Military Establishment (1947- 49); Office of the Secretary of the Army, Department of Defense (1949- ).

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They will probably go

full Orwell and name it the department of peace.

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I'm cooked - I think I've signed about 10 petitions in the past

two days - I'd better slow down before they come a knockin'

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+ 1

Great idea.

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Statement of Republican Principles

Statement of Republican Principles

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Support this petition of Rand Paul please

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This is much more achievable through petition than secession...

and it would make a difference concerning popular opinion.