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Sen. Rand Paul: Heads Should Roll Over Benghazi

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Yea...heads should roll

but they won't. The game is rigged. I gurantee Obummer, Hitlery, nor anyone else will be held accountable.

I would not use that term. Guillotine anyone ?

Supposedly the antichrist will be rolling heads. Best to use another term folks.

I think

nut-n-yahoo is tha anti christ and he should be guillotined for his role in 911. Besides....it sure straightened out the ruling class in France.

Investigate the A.T.F.

Investigate the A.T.F.

Fire Eric Holder

Dear fellow American,

The gun-smuggling scandal, "Fast & Furious," has so far resulted in the deaths of at least one American border agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens.

With questions still unanswered about Holder's involvement in the scandal and Barack Obama threatening to keep Holder on as Attorney General . . .

. . . it's time for gun owners to double-down and crank up the pressure on Congress to continue their investigation of "Fast & Furious."

You and I MUST get to the bottom of this scandal. Gun owners need accountability.

Please sign the Fire Eric Holder and Investigate the ATF Petition -- RIGHT NOW!


Rand Paul 2016

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If it takes an investigation

to figure out who is in charge of securing the ambassador to Libya than gov't is WAY too big.... unbelievable!

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Anchorette tries her best to trap him... FAIL

Granted, only about 12 hardcore liberals watch CNN anymore, so his efforts are somewhat wasted, but it's so entertaining to watch Sen. Paul evade the anchorette's attempts to twist the conversation around.

CNN, MSNBC, etc. are desperate to repeat the Regime's meme that Republicans are attacking Ms. Rice because she's black. And a woman. (Because if you're black and a woman, you can never be wrong about anything, never have the wrong motives, never be corrupt, never lie, etc. etc. etc. Typical collectivist thinking.)

Anyway, the anchorette tries again and again to get Sen. Paul to say something bad about Ms. Rice so they can call him a "raaaaaaacist" or "sexist"...and fails.

Rand Paul 2016. Hell to the yeah.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Rand is the man.

Rand is the man.

Starting with Ms Clintons,

and stopping with the "Buck stops here" Commander in Chief.

he didn't say anything

except "wait"

Nothing, really?

I may have watched a different video, I heard him call for Hillary's head, pretty much, right now, with more action to come as the facts become more clear.

I like Rand, he is a politician, but one I find much easier to read than most. To his credit, he won’t say anything about support or condemnation for someone in a situation that hasn't fully shaken out yet. Rice's role in all this isn't fully clear, although I suspect he has little or no support for her either. His caution in this is understandable, and indicates to me more knowledge about the subject than he is willing to share, and an understanding that he doesn’t have enough.
When he does understand the issue though, he really doesn’t hedge much. He called for the head of the Head of the State Department. Does he really have to say Hillary Clinton?
He said the Head of the State Department isn’t doing their job, and should be relieved of duty immediately (I paraphrase).
This one fact is clear to him, in my opinion. The actual person in the job is irrelevant to this situation, the job wasn’t done correctly.
He also said, the president knows who that is. That is politico speak for, "the pres should fire her immediately, she sucks" (again, I paraphrase).
This was my take on the interview, I could be wrong. :)

Just open the box and see


...you pretty much nailed it!

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