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Washington Times: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope

Some argue that Ron Paul was never relevant, that he was simply a gadfly who never accomplished anything legislatively. Others, myself included, argue that maybe, just maybe, the Ron Paul Revolution is the last best hope for saving the GOP from oblivion.

As I walk through airports, ride in taxis and meet people in large cities — people of color, working-class people, people with tattoos, people in overalls, people with piercings and even, at times, people in suits — I am amazed at the diversity of folks who come up and say how much they admire Ron Paul.

At rallies around the country, from the liberal bastion of Berkeley, Calif., where 8,000 students came to an event, to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, kids from all over the political spectrum came to listen to Ron Paul.

The naysayers will point out: “He didn’t even win a primary.” This is true, but when polled directly against President Obama, Ron Paul ran neck-and-neck with an interesting demographic. In the heat of the campaign, a Feb. 28 Rasmussen poll showed him leading Mr. Obama, winning the independent vote, taking a significant part of the Democratic vote and losing a significant part of the Republican vote. He truly attracted voters across the political divide from both parties and from independents.

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Few in America even seem to

Few in America even seem to know what a statesman is as defined by John Adams in his Diary on Feb.9, 1772. A statesman would never compromise his principles under any conditions. They are familiar with what a politician is since the majority of congress are politicians. A politician would compromise his principles in order to advance his own interest. Ron Paul never wavered on his platforms and many time stood alone. Always standing for our personal freedoms, liberty and our Constitution. pointed out the danger of big government, foreign intervention and the destructive policies of the fed. The one man in congress of whom i believe the founders would approve and call one of their own. to me , when i hear or see the name, Ron Paul, i think of PATRIOT.

Bob Marshall

I don't like the look and feel.

This is what the other 80% of US readers with short attention span will pick up before being distracted:

Ron Paul was never relevant.
He was simply a gadfly who never accomplished anything legislatively.
People with tattoos.
People with piercings.
He didn’t even win a primary.



Nice editorial

I almost missed the fact that Rand wrote it.

The leftist GOP is finished.

The only thing they will EVER AGAIN accomplish, is siphoning off votes from the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party, to clear the runway for leftist democrat win after win after win (just like 2008 and 2012).

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

He doesn't mention that Paul

He doesn't mention that Paul won the plurality of 7 states delegations?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

No kidding

And what about Iowa, or is he not counting caucuses?

Who Cares?

I don't see why anyone cares about the GOP. It's a club for assholes and cheats. Do away with it!


my question is...

What makes GOP worthy of saving from "oblivion" (aka irrelevance)

In Liberty!

With All Due Respect

Why don't you and skippy start an anti-Republican Party OP to express your feelings instead of doing so on an article that is a tribute to Ron Paul?

It would be more appropriately placed and more relevant.


Come On Folks

This is an article that we all should be glad was published in The Washington Times. Even if anti-Rand or anti-Republican, can't we be happy that Rand wrote such a tribute to his Dad.

Aren't we glad it was published and people will read it? I bet Ron Paul was touched by the tribute his son wrote to him. I felt from Rand tremendous respect and love for a man who obviously is not only his Dad but his mentor. So he is not perfect. Are any of us.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, let Rand be Rand and prove himself. Let's all hope Ron Paul begins speaking to college campuses and spreads the message. Let's hope a lot of people start spreading the message...all of it or even parts of it.

No there is no Ron Paul in Congress anymore. However just as a throw out there: Who wouldn't love for there to be enough in Congress to throw TSA out the window. Enough to rally behind anything that was/is the Ron Paul platform. Some are working on it. Would we rather every Senator and Congressman that we don't put our 100% stamp of liberty approval on leave Washington?

I , for one, approve Rand Paul's message via The Washington Post and I thank him for it.



Does his political wisdom now direct him to endorse Ron Paul's ideas and actions as oppose to the "More Electable" Romney's ideas and actions?

Apparently so.

Political wisdom?

Before the crucial election (and before the nomination at the farce of a national convention in Tampa):

After the crucial election (and the fatal nomination of Rombama at the farce of a national convention in Tampa):
"Maybe, just maybe, the Ron Paul Revolution is the last best hope for saving the GOP from oblivion."

Lets just hope the political winds of favour don't change, and "maybe, just maybe," he sticks with this sentiment when it next matters most.

Maybe Rand should have written and said this DURING THE CAMPAIGN

Instead of campaigning for the half-liberal, war-loving, big government Anti-Ron Paul Romney.

A little too little too late in my opinion.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

It's never too late!

I was as appalled by the timing and manner of Rand's Romney endorsement as anyone, but I think the folly of that decision has now been proven, even to Rand, Jesse, Jack and the other practitioners of conventional political "wisdom" in the liberty movement.

And the truer wisdom of his father has been vindicated (again).

So, it's never too late for Rand, Jack (and even Jesse?) to return to the true path. When they do, I for one will forgive, forget and go forward with them to victory in 2016!

Was just going to post this.

Was just going to post this. Yes, this is written by Rand Paul.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

FYI - this was written by Rand

Maybe you can change the title and replace Washington Times with Rand Paul.