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What Advice Would YOU Give the GOP?

The timing might never be better for the Republican Party to really listen to feedback on changes the party needs stay relevant in the future. I think there are several core things that Ron Paul supporters, Gary Johnson supporters, the "new" Tea Party, and even establishment Republicans can actually agree on. I am really curious to hear from you guys what you think the core things are? I have boiled my suggestions down to a quick 3 minute video:


Let me know what you guys think!

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Recognize that your approach has FAILED AGAIN, and that it is not viable in the future. Relinquish your leadership positions to the future of the party (Liberty wing). Do that or go down in flames.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Go soak your heads

that would be succinct. Or perhaps GO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER or WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A LYING FLEAP.

There's a way to say GO FOXHUNTING and make it sound like totally something else. Iffn you know what I mean.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Change the Platform (in blue states)

We must change the platform and encompass ideas that the people in the state/county care about.

We must Educate people about the Constitution and Economics. Too many people have no understanding of Economics. Why else would the average [young] person support socialism? They don't know what it is and they don't understand that a free market, sound money and limited government is the only way to create prosperity. A rising tide lifts all boats.

We must bring the grassroots Paul Supporters into the party. If their not elected, bring them in as alternates, associates and as committee members. We must grow the "party" to bring more people back to the party of Taft, Goldwater, Reagan and Paul.

We need the volunteers to precinct walk to understand our neighbors issues and educate them how Freedom and Liberty will let them achieve their goals.

"We must Educate people about

"We must Educate people about the Constitution and Economics." Couldnt agree with this statement more! I think most people "care" when they realize something effects their money. Most younger people I talk with about this are very receptive once they understand the connection. I think we should stop wasting time trying to convince the older generations and focus more effort on the younger ones in general.

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.

Friend or Foe

I think everyone needs to heed the warnings offered by anyone warning, blowing the whistle, about future trouble concerning "our" governments.

The number of people sharing the same ideas and actions known to be Republican Party Politics aught to clue themselves in on which ones in their number are investing in more lies, threats, and violence, to gain at the expense of innocent people, and which are not, because that is the core message, the principle, and the root of the problem warned by many, including Ron Paul.

The advice is universal, not specific only to the list of names of people contained within the boundaries of The Republican Party membership, or leadership, or any boundary whatsoever.

Look to your left, look to your right, and what do you find, is if friend or foe, because the false fence that people are sitting on is vanishing rapidly.

The Military people are closer to that front, but not by much, so their accurate communications that they use to accurately identify friend from foe may be very instructive to those Republicans or anyone else for that matter.

When push comes to shove, resulting in broken fingers, broken hips, piles of tortured bodies rotting in the sun, there will no longer be any doubt as to who is on which side.


The Ron Paul people don't play when they say...

We will remember the Maine and we will not forget. I guess our Ayes were bigger than theirs. Mr Speaker, I bet you wished you would not have treated the Ron Paul people the way that you did.

Try this crap again and we will do the same thing. We have learned that we will no longer accept the lesser of two evils.

Agreed! ...So now this gives

Agreed! ...So now this gives us the opportunity to really be heard and Im curious what your core policies/plans you think they should have are. What advice would you give them now?

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.

Adopt Ron Paul's entire platform

And stop breaking campaign promises once elected. Also, stop cheating excellent candidates (like Ron Paul) during the straw polls, primaries, caucuses and the RNC so that we might actually have a decent republican to vote for in the election.

I give this a +1 for sure!!

I give this a +1 for sure!!

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.