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Judge Napolitano on Jon Stewart 11-15-12: "I'm not of the right. I'm a libertarian. I'm the Ron Paul guy over there (at Fox)"

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the Judge has an infectious laugh

love it

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I really like Judge Napolitano and would love to see him as a

Presidential Candidate someday.

But the guy has this maniacal laugh.....


I wish Stewart weren't so intent on stealing the spotlight from his guest. The Judge kept starting new topics that should have been explored further, and some of his thoughts were cut off just when they got interesting.

The whole thing became frustrating, and he never even got to say what the book was about.

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yeah, Stewart may be a

yeah, Stewart may be a comedian first and foremost like some people commented, but he does ask questions that should at least receive an answer from the guest and then move onto something else afterward. I was hoping he'd give Judge Nap a chance to finish the Brown vs Board of Education discussion because Stewart acted like he was genuinely concerned about federal/states/constitutional topics and how these rights were defined, and that seemed like the most important question of the show, yet the topic was just changed mid-discussion. He's a comedian, but it's obvious that he also tries to throw in news topics as well (heck, Fox is entertainment too so is Stewart really much different there) so this was a bummer because it was really getting interesting. I agree, totally disjointed.

He is not used to someone threatening his worldview

that cannot win a debate on. His saving the poor and environment arguments are warn-out, at best. He had to go study history and the constitution so he could out-do the Judge. Sad really. I thought he was a better guy than that. He is no better than the Fox news assholes terrorizing their guests that he so vehemently despises. He just needles them to death with his self absorbed rants of highbrow humor.

"Stewart vs. O'Reilly debate.."

One only has to watch the Stewart/O'Reilly debate to realize what a pseudo-intellectual Stewart actually is. His 'technique' is doing something goofy or interjecting a joke when he's just about to get his ass pummeled by whoever he's debating, then uses it as a segue to go to a different topic. His knowledge only goes as far as the reference and rhetoric that pertains to it. He reads the cover, but not the book. He's like the progressive that claims to know what Ayn Rand or Atlas Shrugged is philosophically about, yet they form their opinion by what they've heard, not what they've read. Stewart wants to be taken seriously as a contemporary scholar, yet when his argument is weak he falls back on the excuse "hey, I'm just a comedian." Certain talk radio hosts do the same thing, except for them it's "I'm not a journalist, I'm an entertainer."
Stewart's funny when his jokes revolve around the truth. They're mighty lame when they're biased and unfounded attacks (like when he claimed Somalia to be what a libertarian paradise looks like.)

As for the Judge, the man needs to be at least a VP or Supreme Court justice, or maybe Attorney General.

To be fair, John Stewart is

To be fair, John Stewart is still a comedian even though he actually addresses more substantive issues than our news media. His primary job is to entertain. I think the judge got his points across... and he was funny as hell!

I really

want to see the judge run for office.

very encouraging

Jon seems much more open to hearing the Judge in this appearance. I always imagined these two would be great friends given the chance. (Their common background as Jersey guys and their shared intolerance for bullshit should be plenty to get them started.)

In past appearances, Jon has been much more intent on painting Nap as one of the FOX morons, and beating down his libertarian ideas as harmful to individuals (as he does a bit here with the "but poor people's shoes won't let them move" bit).

I see a lot more genuine rapport between them this time, and more genuine listening from Jon. Very encouraging. For all of his leftist instincts, Jon has demonstrated that he can learn... so here's hoping he'll have the Judge on more frequently and the principles of liberty will start sinking in.

(OMG, I laughed out loud when Jon said he put that maple syrup on his pancakes and the next thing he knew he was living a life of personal liberty and freedom.)

I'm voting for Peace.

Judge seems like a fun guy

And I'v rarely heard him saying something I don't wholly agree with.

Great interview, the extended

Great interview, the extended portions were very funny!

ytc's picture

WHAT a delight!

Funny, frank and fierce :-)

Good job, Judge!

Good job, Judge!


Judge had that Statist Stewart on his heels so the Statist pulls the usual inconsiderate garbage and keeps interrupting the Judge.


How long did it take

for Jon Stewart to start in about how much he adores regulations? I think he loves them so much he should marry them.

As my dad used to say, he's a

As my dad used to say, he's a pinko commie bastard!

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

lol Haven't heard "pinko commie" for a while

My grandfather used to refer to socialist types as pinko commies.

lol Jon Stewart and Federal


Jon Stewart and Federal regulations sitting in a tree

End The Fed!
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There will be a extended interview with Judge Napolitano

There will be a extended interview with Judge Napolitano on the Daily Show website that's not up yet

I just posted

I can't wait for this! I just posted three new videos of the Judge on Fox, three different times.

Sharpest I've seen Judge Nap...

...on The Daily Show.

He made great points in a wonderful manner. Spun Stewart around more than once.



When exactly was "now"?