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F*k Limbaugh! Jerry Doyle's homage to RP

I know a couple of weeks ago some were critical of Jerry for capitulating and voting for "Obama-ney." I to this day have never personally had a problem with Jerry, in fact, I support him as a voice of reason. He 'wasted' his vote on Romney, I 'wasted' my vote on Johnson. In hindsight I believe we should all agree that ballot boxes are no more than, as Kokesh puts it, "a slave's suggestion box."

For all of us that watched Ron Paul's final 'address' to congress- the message was clear. It was a philosophic message; a message embracing the notion of casting aside title, punditry, party 'conflict, useless rhetoric, and failed solutions vis a vis government. Dr. Paul addressed the simple fact, in paraphrase, that the minds of men and future men will be opened and open to a reinvigorated pride in self determination.

I'm not whizzo when it comes to computers. I'm 37. I know Pong. I know Missle Command. I know 4.5" floppy disks. Our first family computer was $2100(and that was with my dad's employee discount at IBM...In 1982!)which had a whopping 64k internal memory!I know Super Mario Brothers and the original Zelda. I don't know how to: use my schmancy computer to edit downloaded audio podcasts and post it to some website to link to with ease....

But please follow this link to Jerrydoyle.com go to "Live and Archives" then click on his broadcast for today, 11/15/12.
Fast forward to 38 minutes 10 seconds. Listen to Jerry Doyle's sincere HOMAGE TO THE GREAT DR. RON PAUL.


After listening, ask yourself why, if you're in my position here in Seattle, that you wouldn't call your local "conservative" radio broadcast companies and ask them why Jerry's not on the roster!

Jerry's 3rd largest syndicate in the country! Let's help him take over Limbaugh!...or at the very least, give the man your support.

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I sure agree with you on this...F*k Limbaugh!

Limbaugh said last January after one of the republican debates that Obama is a better president than Ron Paul would be.

That is something none of us should ever forget.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

great show

great show

Pretty good show

However, I was a little disappointed in the usual political schtick about how republicans need to "change their image," "they're not hip," "they're too uptight." Though Jerry did also say that they need to be "real," it seemed pretty frickin' shallow. Throughout (the 40 minutes I listened to), they took for granted that many republicans stayed home and didn't vote because Romney offered nothing special and he got "shellacked" fair and square. I know a lot of people didn't vote (myself included), but it bothers me that no one in the MSM is covering the reports of vote fraud around the country, and that perhaps many don't bother voting because they know it's rigged. They just keep dancing around the elephanct in the living room as if it isn't there. Until they address the election rigging, nothing will change. As a well known Ron Paul supporter, Jerry should know this and he should focus in on it. Otherwise...pretty good show.

Jerry may not be the perfect messenger...

...but he is a fair one. He's also the best and biggest sympathizer to our cause of liberty that's out there.


Bump... and I agree. FK Limbaugh

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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..is always the biggest thanks bro/and/or sis!

its bro..

and no prob

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul