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Israel Isn't So Bad?

There's a lot wrong with Israel's occupation policy, and certainly, there's a lot wrong with America's immutable financial support for their military complex.

However, if Israel is 'not our problem' then isn't it 'not our problem'?

In what manner are they bad/worse as compared to other countries in the region? I get the Rothschild thing - and I'm willing to believe it - but like all conspiracy it's just speculation.

I'm bothered at the loathing of Israel when I find them to be remarkably restrained and rational in their war efforts when you compare them with everyone else in their region.

Additionally, their treatment of Palestinians is remarkably better than how they are treated in other Arab countries. A lot of the negative press on Israel seems sensationalized and propagandish.

I'm not justifying Israel outright, or saying their behavior generally has been good, but I just don't see them as all really so bad.

The problem is US policy, not Israeli policy. Let them do what they think they have to to secure their country.

Really! Japan was incredibly expansionist and downright rape-nasty evil prior to WWII and I'll be honest I think we should have just left them more alone. The war was worse than the alternative. After all, the Chinese empire left the region weak and exploitable to European barbarism, so what if Japan or Mao had their turn?

I'm not saying 'so what', only making the point that the government policy of a free republic is to countenance violence with the example and temptation of peace and free commerce. People come around.

I look at Israel and think what if there was an Arab state there. Would there be any chance that it would be any better?

It's just that there's calls for sanctions and people call Israel a terrorist state.

My problem with that is that Israel hate just becomes the dialectic antithesis to Israel love - and that's when you know you're being manipulated. How about neutrality? Seriously. What do you think?

I think the answer's important because the liberty movement has to establish more credibility for itself without losing its values. We can get more folks, and have to get more folks, onto this side. It can't just be young people because young people are being processed into the statist UN system. That means walking a tightrope - high diplomacy - between appealing to what people already care about without renouncing your principles, so you can slowly open their minds.

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What if Israel/Mossad masterminded

the attack on 9/11 (the evidence for which is overwhelming) ? What if Israel is THE true terrorist enemy of the U.S., an enemy that we treat like an 51st state with veto power over all U.S. policy? Maybe take a closer look at the evidence for Mossad involvement in 9/11 and the attack on the USS liberty, then you might reconsider this post. Try searching simply on the five israelis on 9/11, or who was in charge of security at airports that miraculously failed, or the pre warnings to Odigo workers (http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/9-11_warnings_odig...) or the dual citizens neocons who wrote PNAC.

Us policy IS Israeli policy


Netanyahu = Band-Master of

the US House of Congress, = see the video when he addressed it - all attendees would stand & sit or applaud as & when the puppet master directed.

recently the US Supreme Court showed it$ colors too, bows to zion.

According to the UN Goldstone Report Israel IS a Terrorist State

During the Cast Lead operation 2008/9 in Gaza the IDF used phosphorus shells and bombed defenceless civilians killing 1400 men women and children. Gaza is under permanent blockade and is little more than a concentration camp with 1.5 million inmates.

The Israeli elections have been called for January 22 2013 and because the Palestine question will be the subject of a vote at the UN on November 29/30 violence has already broken out in Palestine and the Israeli leaders are making belligerent noises in order to gain political support. This is the key to understanding Israel's actions. They are determined by internal political and social conditions.

You are correct to say that the feelings about the Palestinian situation are polarised and highly politicised in the United States. It is difficult for me to see how this situation can be changed for the better. There are of course sane voices calling for a peaceful resolution but one only has to listen to or read the speeches of the Israeli and Palestinian leadership and to learn of the actions of the Israeli government and the settlers on the West Bank to know that this is impossible apart from divine intervention. The two sides are unalterably opposed to each other and entrenched in their hatred for each other.

There is a great deal that could be said about the history of the area and the peoples who live there but suffice to say that most of what gets into the media in the West is Israeli propaganda so to gain a true understanding one must do some independent research. Here is a video advertising a book by an Israeli, Miko Peled, who is the son of a general who participated in the 1948 and 1967 wars. The video itself is an overview of the major themes of the book and well worth viewing:


Another excellent source of information is an Israeli dissident who was raised on a kibbutz, went to university in Israel and worked at the prestigious Weizmann Institute as a research scientist. He was involved in technology transfers (thefts) from the US to Israel and he knows too much to be allowed to live. He has survived two assassinations by Mossad so far but is now barely able to speak and does not expect to live much longer. He is a political prisoner in Bolivia. Here is his website that includes many articles worth reading on Israel that give an authentic picture of that society and government.


The burning issue that may set off a conflagration in Palestine is not Iran although that may well be the initial casus belli. The real secret hidden from public view is the attitude of israel towards America. It is assumed by most Americans that Israel is America's best friend in the Middle East and that is the way the Israelis wish to keep it. The motto of the Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, is "By Way of Deception" and it is this attitude that characterises all of Israel's dealings with America. The reality is that America is Israel's golem whose power and military strength is being used by the Israelis to further their overall Middle East strategy which is to expand Israel's borders extensively to include all the lands promised to Abraham in the Bible and finally acquired during the reign of King Solomon from 971-931 B.C. They have other plans for the world of course but their homeland will be the Greater Israel. This is laid out in the 1982 Yinon Plan.


This attitude of Israel towards America is best illustrated by the USS Liberty attack in the 1967 war and in the more recent attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11/2001.

There is a library of information on the web dealing with these attacks on America by Israel but this video by Alan Sabrosky and the book by Christopher Bollyn are probably two of the more credible sources of information on that subject:



Another perspective is that Israel itself is a beachhead of the Anglo-American elites in the Middle East and is used by them to maintain tension there to further the neo-colonialist agenda of the West. This point of view which is simply a variation of the one above is held by Tony Cartalucci at Land Destroyer:


Personally I lean towards the golem view because of the influence of AIPAC on American foreign policy:


The difference in any event is probably insignificant since the same powers control both nations. The populations of Israel and America are largely unaware of the evil being committed in their name by their leaders and I have no doubt many of the military in both nations are also blind to what is being done although that is apparently changing. It is this change that may well set the scene for the final catastrophe. As Alan Sabrosky indicates, when the American people discover what Israel has done and what the deception has cost them in treasure and blood then it takes no imagination to conclude that that will be the end of Israel.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)


is the greatest threat to America and to freedom bar none. Israel is the enemy.

You need to read some history.

Listen the MSM much? Cuz if you do, you will not find one single negative story on Israel from FAUX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or certaily talk radio...oh except the story where reporter Rick Sanchez said "Israel has a lot of influence on the media"

...of course Rick is jobless now and I understand he was seen dumpster diving recently.

Good Luck finding some truth.

Sorry, I don't get what you're asking

Benign or bellicose it doesn't matter. It's none of our business. The whole ME thing was ultimately caused by Great Britain drawing all the boundary lines after WW1. Nearly 100 years of angry Arabs...even before the re-founding of Israel. It is hard to say who is good or bad, right or wrong. Not our business.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson


In reality, the whole thing began with the discovery of oil, its adoption as the preferred fossil fuel for industry and the need to control who has access to it.

The whole "Paul Harvey" began after the establishment of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and when Germany entered into agreements with the Ottoman's to extend the Orient Express to the oil fields...all else that has followed has been chessmanship.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


When the matter is foreign policy and the role of government with the rest of the world, it is none of the government's business. But as a private citizen, you can have as much interest in how a country governs as you want. It's your right.

Even Ron Paul supports this idea. He says you can't make American soldiers get involved in the affairs of other nations and risk their lives, but if you feel so passionate about it, go over there and volunteer, risk your life and do something about it.


Pretty much my opinion, I just wanted to hear someone who convinced Israel was the biggest threat to world peace and deserved sanctions (like Europeans) who might have convinced me otherwise.


Why are you looking to be "convinced" here? ...JDLboss not satisfied with your current output?

Many here need not discuss the "why's and wherefores" of Israel's evil cabal as it is quite self-evident...we can simply call it like we see it.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss the 19th Century pragmatic management of other evil terrorists like...the Lakota Sioux...you know, the ones who kept attacking other settlers "first".

The discussion would be just as efficacious, and we wouldn't have to worry that some hasbra clown is playing in our sandbox.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Friends of Israel - Enemies inside the gates,

U Tube.!.


"Samson Option"

zion's threat to pull down the whole world with nuclear bombs, = many articles & videos are available on the net. zion = blackmailing monsters.

Live Zion shills vote down Thier own post...Lol

started 3+ now -1.wish i knew how to post video with comments...