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Ron Paul for Governor of Republic Texas?

In next election, which i guess is coming up in a few years. Can work out a mutually agreeable upon split (just like separation/divorce in a marriage :) ).


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Texas would probably be great but...

I have a feeling New Hampshire would be more ideal for Dr. Paul (especially since there will most likely be no seceding)

De criminalize Liberty!

good idea too,

but i sure hope there will be secession..if not the whole union could go down because of the federal debt, inflation of the currency, etc

That would be Awesome!

That would be Awesome!

He would make an excellent...

...president for Texas if they secede! I will pack my bags and come help if that happens! Hell yeah!


I should have said President, not Governor :)

Ron could definitely whoop that clown Perry.

I seem to recall polls demonstrating that Ron is more well-liked among Texans than Rick.

I don't play, I commission the league.

My thoughts are

we going to win!!

If at his age he has the desire to lead Texas.

Not to discount the danger to himself and his family to undertake such a quest. Im gona watch for Debra Medina she is a tough cookie and this time around she may teach The Bush Pery , explicitive... faction from cheating the Texas public out of her wisdom and leadership. She is a RP type btw.


She'd be great too


Love the idea!!!

Love the idea!!!