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Ready to leave Dodge (New York). We're now looking at Maine. Any suggestions?

My husband and I have had it here. We're looking for better life for our children.

For years I wanted to get out of this country, but that really doesn't seem possible with a large family, so the next best thing is to find a better state to live in that is not as regulated, taxed, or communist-minded.


We originally chose Montana, but we now think it is too far. Work is still a problem. Any suggestions will be very helpful!

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Colorado or New Mexico are blue states.

Come on now.


You do realize New Mexico swings right?We have a republican governor and republican state senate. I am from New Mexico and this state is a great choice. New Mexicans aren't fans of big government. Gary Johnson was elected here. The republican party leans libertarian here. Plus the food is awesome ;). The state is gorgeous and there is nowhere else in the world like it. A great choice for any liberty minded folk. We aren't blue though, we always have chosen the eventual winner. It's a way to see how the country is leaning. That's why I was excited when Ron Paul did very well against Obama. We are a belt way state. Message me if you want to know more.

"our Southern quarter has been contaminated by statists"

Kinda, yeah. A lot different than when I first lived here 15 years ago, especially Manchester.

I may actually try either relocating up near Berlin or one of the 'empty' states. I still like my county though, but not for a SHTF scenario.

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What are the taxes like there?

Ours are very high.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss)

Overall, not bad at all

In my specific town though, it's pretty high because of the schools (though still quite low in comparison to Mass.)

No sales tax and no capital gains tax were enough to get me up here, but YMMV.

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Wyoming is nice,

and is also a freestate. We are selling our offgrid/survival homestead with 2 houses, and 37 acres here, as we are older and need to be near our children and grandchildren. If interested, just ask.

How much are you asking

and where is it in Wyoming?

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss)

See comment below for price

it is in the county of Platte, near Glendo and Wheatland.


Interested in selling just a few acres of empty land?

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Hello, no, because once the land is

subdivided, there are regulations. With it the way it is, there are barely any regulations. One doesn't even need a building permit, nor does one have to follow codes, etc here. There are some other lots in this place, however, go for around 25,000 for 35 plus acres, but I doubt there are trees like ours.

you have any photos you can

you have any photos you can show?

I'm looking for a 35-40 acre parcel in Wy right now. There are 2 houses on it?

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Can I send it to your email?

by clicking on your name? I will try.

Ah, I see

Didn't know about the subdivision thing.

$25k for 35 acres sounds pretty reasonable. It's about twice that for 20 acres here (though it *is* near a lake).

Always wanted to have a 'backup' property in WY, enjoyed the scenery and quiet.

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Taxes are good too.

On 35 acres here, the taxes are around 195.00 per year. Even on our 37 acres with two houses, our taxes are 628.00 per year. It is cheaper to live in Wyoming. Gas is much cheaper here, and most things. Some food is more, but the hunting is so good, we eat free game year round and we don't even hunt.People just give it to us.

Sure sounds like it!

The property tax around here is actually quite low, but the local school tax is the killer. Makes up about 70% of my taxes, and the worst part is I don't even have kids to send there to get my money's worth!

As far as food, I'd probably (mostly) grow my own since I'd finally have the space for it.

Just for the heck of it...how much are you asking for the whole thing?

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That depends,

as we are working on it, (my husband is a builder, and a stone/brick mason). So, depending on whether we sell it now, or later, it will be 250,000 or less, if NOW, or same in a little bit, or more if we do a LOT of work on it.

In that case

I'd have to pass, since it's a bit out of my price range (figured but had to ask!) Wanted to save the hassle of building a place myself. :I

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Wow. $628 for 37 acres and 2 houses? Really?

What a reality check. Taxes on a one bdrm co-op in NYC are that much PER MONTH.

Right around the average

Right around the average property tax in NJ as well.


New Mexico?

Just curious, never having even been there, but mightn't
northern New Mexico be worth considering?

Don't think I saw it mentioned - anyone know/have an opinion?


New Mexico is a great state. The north is more liberal, the south more conservative. In the middle is Albuquerque the biggest city which swings, but tends to prefer libertarian like policies. With the mixing of liberal and conservative ideologies we end up with a more libertarian leaning state. Gary Johnson was elected here for a reason. The state isn't blue, it swings. We have a republican governor and a republican mayor in the biggest city. We also have a lot of republican state senators. The republicans here are much more libertarian than any place I know of. The food is great too ;). There really isn't any place like it in the world (seriously). There are lot of liberty minded folk out here. The RLC has a strong presence here and even my family who work closely with the governor say that our party has to lean towards Ron Paul, as does the governor. For raising a family, one of the BEST places. The recession didn't hit New Mexico as hard as other places. In fact we got the best of it. The people are extremely friendly here, and no I am not just saying that! This state leans libertarian big time, and the likes of Adam Kokesh (past all his opinions) is from here. The old fashioned hispanics love libertarianism (a lot of hispanics here don't even care about immigration because most family's have been here for generations, they love freedom though which makes them more our way, hell I am one of them!) This is the only state where hispanics are the majority. And this state is very diverse. It has been called the untouched gem of the country. With Albuquerque for a city of all needs and wants, to Santa fe the capitol being artistic and beautiful, there is a city for everyone. If you are interested, my mother is a realtor and we would be more than willing to show you around. You ask anyone from New Mexico what they think of the state, and they will almost always say they love it and that it's called the land of enchantment for a reason.

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New Mexico !

And as silly as it sounds, a state that could give our delighted ears the music and songs of a recent band as creative as Beirut ... just cannot be without a great, unique soul as well :





-- A Northern Californian

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Thanks for the info

Don't know if I'll be moving back to the "homeland" but if
I do, NM definitely sounds worth considering!

Probably North Dakota.

Probably North Dakota. Ability to be self sufficient... Farmland, oil, space, friendly neighbors, conservative people (I'm not meaning in the political sense, necessarily, though that is somewhat true, too).

New Hampshire! Join the free

New Hampshire! Join the free state project.


And yet New Hampshire re-elected Obama...

And yet New Hampshire re-elected Obama...

Yes, but only because

the MANY RP supporters here refused to vote for Rmoney! ;D

Oddly enough, only about 5% of the signs in my area were for Obama, about 50% were for Romney and the rest was a mix of GJ and RP.

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Florida - really?

I left 25 years ago and have not looked back.

However some may like the need to get a license to cut a tree over 6 inches, or old drivers where a red light is a 'suggestion', or property insurance and property taxes are crazy, or one million condominiums being underwater. But the best one is the high sales tax on EVERYTHING including LAWYERS FEES, RENT, and anything else you can think of. Yes SALES TAX ON RENT!

Tennessee is great - still backward and relaxed. No income tax, and the biggest topic in the restaurants during the election was how expensive and scarce ammunition was getting - really!

Skousen rates Florida zero on a zero to five point scale

So your post is correct for even more reasons. Watch the video in my post which is exactly the next post below yours. Skousen also rated Tennessee the best of all eastern states and give concrete reasons.