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Jerry Doyle on Ron Paul's Swan Song - 11/15/12 VIDEO

Jerry Doyle talks about Ron Paul's farewell speech to the Congress, and what it should mean to all Americans on his radio show, The Jerry Doyle Show from 11/15/12.


Please help support Jerry, who endorsed Ron Paul for President in 2012.


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for Rombama!! No How NO WAY! He Hated Romney!

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Yes he did..

He said it on his radio show....look it up

robot999's picture

I like Jerry

and I subscribed to his podcast (paid). However if I recall, he ended up supporting Romney instead of standing on principle, so based on his actions, I stopped listening to him on a regular basis. (Please correct me if I'm misstating it.)

I'm very wary of people who sidestep their principles.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa