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The time for a Constituional Convention is now.

A Constitutional Convention is what you guys are looking for. I heard the idea for the first time months back on Coast to Coast AM, and then yesterday I heard the same basic conversation going on on Alex jones' show.

Due to the fact that the whitehouse.gov petitions get media attention I started my own, asking for Obama to endorse the state legislators to start the process needed to call for a Constitutional Convention. Please sign this petition, please forward it, please get the word out, the time to do this is now. We need to ride this wave of succession and turn it into something useful and beneficial to the union. I am a Texas man, and I am all for Texas becoming its own country, but if there is a way to save the union, that is the route I would like to see taken. That is why I have started this petition.


For Liberty,
Clyde Barber

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ron paul

would lead the push.

You just got PAULED!

The time for a Constitutional Convention is NEVER.

The Convention is its own sovereign body, superior to the existing government. With the thieves, liars and authoritarians who would make up a Con Con during the Obama regime, we would be utterly doomed.

A Con Con is a terrible, awful idea that needs to DIE.


Here's an excellent discussion of the risks of a Con Con:


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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Part of the Discussion Is About State Constitutions

...and I am very curious about a comment made about the Texas State Constitution. It sounds as though many State Constitutions are being changed to repel heinous Federal dictates.

If those State Constitutions correct errors or circumvent Federal mandates it "might" lead to a reinterpretation of "the" Constitution. Is this naive?