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Washington Post: Ron Paul's Most Memorable Moments

Washington Post: Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said farewell to Congress on Wednesday in a 48-minute speech on the House floor. The 77-year-old is wrapping up his seventh term representing the Lone Star State’s 14th District, and his 11th term overall in the House.

Throughout his tenure, Paul has inspired a loyal legion of supporters that extends well beyond the boundaries of his district. Thrice a presidential candidate and never shy about his views, Paul’s libertarian-leaning brand of politics left its mark on Congress and the broader political landscape. We look back below at the most memorable moments in his career. (What stood out to you? The comments section awaits.)

Videos Below:

Ron Paul on RNC Floor


Ron Paul on the Gold Standard


Ron Paul Against FEMA


Opposing the Iraq War


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I spend all that time writing a comment....

and it miraculously doesnt post.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Bump Bump


We Love you Dr. Ron Paul!

You'll never know just how much you have done to save America and the world! The entire conversation has really changed in America and over the world. I think the stupid hard headed republican zombies have been jolted awake. Now reality sets in - a good thing. So much for their faux world reality. Thank you for not giving up on us! xxx Exodus 20 will save the world!

We love you Dr. Paul!!! DEFENDER OF LIBERTY!!!!!

Nobody like you!!! But we will take up the cause and carry the torch you gave us!!!

Thank you Dr Paul

Years ago when frustrated and at my wits end. I searched on line for an 'American freedom fighter' and Ron Paul's name came up. After researching, and listening, and reading...he became my hero. Wicked smart, steadfast and true to himself and to the Constitution of the United States.

Thank you, Dr Paul, for your unwavering fight for the freedom of our Republic.

There will never be another Ron Paul, the mold is broken, but hopefully enough people were inspired to carry on the fight for America and he will never again have to fight alone. I will be one. I am a Ron Paul Republican.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free


I couldnt believe when he said in a debate or somewhere I heard,
"why should the american people be responsible for payback??
They didnt ask for a bailout and they didnt even get to spend any of the money.. The federal reserve should be held responsible for paying back all of the bailout money, they borrowed it and they spent it and loaned it out!"
I collapsed when I heard him say that!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Most impressive thing was could be counted on.

Most impressive thing wasn't that I agreed with everything he said or stood for.
It was that he was very unvarying in nature didn't answer questions to get elected he answered with his truth, he didn't worry about getting a donation.

If you where wrong he would answer with the truth.

Question: to the Congress people out there what counts your large bank account or
are any of you ready to step up for the Constitution?

Old Value

When Ron meets the Gods Ron isn't going to have any problem talking to them. how about you?

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?