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Anyone live in or near Los Angeles? Please help

On Tuesday, November 20, the Los Angeles City Council will have one last vote to place on the March 5 ballot a measure that will raise the city of LA's sales tax rate from 9.0% to 9.5%.

If the measure receives 10 or more votes, the measure will be placed on the March 5 ballot (and will more than likely pass). The last vote on this measure only received 10 votes so if we can get one of the 10 to switch, then we can stop this tax hike.

Please call your LA City Councilmember before Tuesday and urge him to vote NO on the measure that would place the half cent sales tax hike on the March ballot.

Many people do not know that they live within the city of LA so PLEASE check this map to see if you live in LA

If you live in LA, find your Councilmember's contact info here and CONTACT THEM!

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Anyone in LA?

Offices are probably closed on the weekends but you can send an email to your Councilmember.

If you don't act, our sales tax will more than likely rise from 9.0% to 9.5%.