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I made the Editorial page in support of Ron Paul!

I had posted awhile back that I had written to the Albany Democrat Herald newspaper here in Albany, Oregon regarding the lawsuit efforts to get Ron Paul on the ballot in all 50 states as a write-in candidate without him having make a formal declaration of such......

I was at my father's house last weekend and as I was about to leave he mentioned that he saw my letter to the editor in the newspaper. I was surprised to hear as I never received notification from the newspaper that they had decided to include my letter in their publication. My father was and is, but with more reluctance since his loss, a Romney supporter.

We talked about the efforts of the Ron Paul write-in campaign and the fact that I supported him and his campaign since he had announced his run for president in 2011. This was the first time we talked at any length about someone other than Obama and Romney and I got the feeling that he was impressed with my letter being accepted into the local publication, as he has written several letters to the editor to no avail.

This was my first attempt to write any newspaper and it wa well worth the efforts even if just to spark curiosity in a man who has known me all my life. He told me jokingly but with a tinge of sincerity that my vote for Ron Paul was a vote for Obama, to which I replied, "I never intended on voting for either of them" [Obama or Romney]- my vote was for peace and liberty and it will remain such until this country, this world is absolved of the corruption and immorality we complicitly allow to fluorish.

This was one small victory for Ron Paul, but an immeasurable victory for a 34 year old father who may have cracked the rough shell of his father's made-up mind about what "liberty" really means.

Peace and Love first.

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This Deserves an up Vote!

Any chance you can post what you wrote here?

Nice job!


You and your father sound like my father and me.

Newspapers are often willing to print well-written, differing opinions in letters-to-the-editor.

A Big

Congratulations. Keep it up.

Please show your father my "Want Ad".

"Income Tax: There isn't a rich man in your vast city who doesn't perjure himself every year before the tax board. They are all caked with perjury, many layers thick. Iron-clad, so to speak. If there is one that isn't, I desire to acquire him for my museum, and will pay Dinosaur rates.
- "A Humane Word from Satan"

My offer still stands.

On sound money matters:
♔ "Money Trail" ♔ International Bank Cartel ♖ Monopoly Boyz Submitted by Mark Twain, DailyPaul

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Paperback only can find web link on Albany Democrat Herald site?


Democratherald.com - under the "Opinion" section - November 3, 2012 mailbag - I believe this was the date it was chosen for publication as well.

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howdy neighbor