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My Birthday Wishes

I was trying my best to not be political on my birthday but I couldn't help myself so I created this birthday wish list. Enjoy!

1. I wish that somebody would send me a machine that prints endless amounts of fiat money (Does anybody know where I can get one of these?).
2. I wish that there were more people in office with the last name Paul. If your first name is Paul, that doesn't count.
3. I wish that I could have a brand new T.V. channel called "Liberty News" so that I didn't have to watch the warmongers on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN on my birthday.
4. I wish that Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had a morning show.
5. I wish that the U.S. Constitution would require that all members of our current U.S. Executive Branch wear t-shirts on inauguration day (January 21st, 2013) that say, "I'm a Psychopathic Authoritarian".
6. I wish that everybody in America would read ‘Liberty Defined’ by Ron Paul. The audiobook is on Youtube for free!!!
7. I wish that the state of South Carolina would start using the strategy of nullification so that my state can become the freest state in America (If you live in another state, just think of this as a competition.).
8. I wish that Mitt Romney would quit complaining. In the words of Chad Ochocinco, “Child Please!”.
9. I wish that Barack Obama would admit to the public that he is trying to ruin the foundation of America on purpose.
10. I wish that everybody who participates in the cause of liberty but not in the political process would seriously consider getting involved in the Republican Party. If all of us join and participate, it will not take us very long at all to lead the new and improved Republican Party.