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Is this whole swan-song end of an era getting to anybody else?

Does anybody share the feeling like there's something morbid about this whole boo-hoo, faretheewell thing? I got this creeping feeling we got one of Ron's feet in the grave or something.

Am I the usual oddball in not seeing this as any kind of end but every kind of beginning? Like now the fun really starts? And guys, the Doc didn't go anywhere, he's like...standing right over there. In the flesh.

Hey Doctor Paul!

Oh hi how are you today?

I'm well Sir, thank you.

See? Proof right there. Guys, we are the foam on the edge of a rising wave. And this wave has the potential to change EVERYTHING. I am personally unsure how far this goes. Whatever it is, it's happening RIGHT NOW. I think it's just getting started.

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Words of Mass Distraction

Notice that it's the Corporate Media that is pushing these words and phrases. They want him "dead" in people's minds. LOL good luck with that. It's just the media being dramatic. And besides, nothing came out of RP's mouth that said, "I'm done with politics for good" so consider this yet another VERY OLD tactic of the media planting disinfo in people's minds.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin