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Who's responsible for Project ORCA? Romney campaign silent

Who's responsible for Project ORCA? Romney campaign silent

As of Friday, 10 days have passed since the Romney campaign lost the presidential election for Republicans, and the makers of the campaign’s over-hyped and extremely secretive Project ORCA election reporting tool are still nowhere to be found.

Senior campaign staff members are either hiding in silence, claiming ignorance about the project, or claiming they were not involved with it.

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Webster Griffin Tarpley spins horse manure out of ORCA

Webster Griffin Tarpley spins horse manure out of ORCA just about every chance he gets on his radio program and elsewhere.

I must say, I've never seen anyone make such a gigantic fuss over "the stolen election that never happened".

Tarpley refuses to shelve his grand unification theory of how Karl Rove, the Koch Bros., and the Brigham Young Brigade criminally conspired to steal the election!

...only, something happened. It DIDN'T happen. And that was weird. And that was why Karl Rove was purged from FOX News shows.

Because of his evil scheme to NOT steal the election! EVIL! EVIL!

...When's the freakin Pearl Harbor book exonerating FDR coming out, Doctor? Its needed around here.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Money crimes in the first amendment high treason by MSM.

It is that simple the FCC supported main stream media has pushed propaganda down the throat of Americans to support some sort of interventionist usury debt syndicate. Look at the popular culture and the historic manipulation of the facts.. Regan/Bush, Truman, Lincoln, Clinton, Churchill, Keynes, FDR all interventionist bumblers that allowed sycophants like Lincoln, Stalin, Mao,Pol Pot, Hitler to kill massive portions of there populations.

Watching Oliver Stone's Secret History of America. The facts are indisputable. The interpretation is disputable (Wallace and pioneer hybrid corn), but at least the facts are there. This is very much the opposite of Spielberg's Lincoln which these same treasonous MSM types are falling over themselves about the glory of big government...

The country is in need of trust busting starting with MSM and DNC/RNC and continuing with medical, banking. and spawned cabals in education, insurance and certainly finance/banking.... I keep waiting for someone people with backbones to stand up to real issues. ORCA?

How about claw-backs on FHA wages and political contributions?
How about Bush/Chaney/Obama/Regan/Truman war crimes and assassinations?
How about FED Failed QE x.∞ for banks and bond buying..