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About those "We The People" Petitions (for redress of grievances)

I have the reverse of deja vu. I know I have been here before, but it seems I am the only one who remembers.
Are you familiar with the concept of "ritual mockery?" They NAMED their little website the same thing Bob Schultz named his effort.

Bob Schultz painstakingly gathered LEGITIMATE signatures, delivered them and fought to the Supreme Court to have his grievances redressed. Even Wiki remembers - here is a n excerpt:
"We the People Foundation is a non-profit education and research organization in Queensbury, New York with the declared mission "to protect and defend individual Rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States."[1] It was founded by Robert L. Schulz,[2] a "high-profile tax protester",[3] and is a leading organization in the tax protester movement.[4] The organization formally served a petition for redress of grievances regarding income tax upon the United States government in November 2002. In July 2004, it filed a lawsuit in an unsuccessful attempt to force the government to address the petition."

We had some pretty bitter disputes about the effort here at the DP - am I the only one who remembers?

BE WARY OF THESE PETITIONS. At least understand what you are signing - and what you are getting for your signature. NOT secession, or even a reply from Obama.

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One positive note

I agree that the petitions are just symbolic, and likely to be a target on those (dare I say hero's?) who signed. :(
However, I first heard of this from a freind, who heard it from his kids, who got it from school. I find that encoraging.
Its so hard to overcome that sleep inertia, every little bit helps.

Just open the box and see

i served one in tallahassee

To a congressman who laughed at me. He was voted out in the next election. They have all been laughing at us and ignoring a collective us for years. I won't be signing any of these new petitions.

Tramp and left the herd - THANK YOU!

I worked on getting signatures and worked the polls at the election. All this fuss over these nonsense "We the People" at whitehouse.gov that have no legitimate signatures, no force of law and everyone acting like they will free their state if they just get 25,000 signatures... I feel like I am in a bad remake of "Groundhog Day."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I remember well:

I was the one in my district that tried to serve my rep.
I was refused any type of access and was even laughed at by his staff.
They took the information, but I doubt he ever saw, or even heard about it. I even sent it again by registered mail and it was signed for, but I could never get them to give a reply.
Well, he was up for re-election and failed his bid after many years as a very popular rep. He was basically re-districted out and I believe his signature on the renewal of the patriot act and NDAA had something to do with it also.
He was in a VD parade a couple of weeks ago and one of my friends started hollering at him, but that wasn't good enough for me. I went to the convertible he was sitting in and walked along side for a while letting him know how I felt about the things he did and let him know he was done. I got some grief from the local PD and basically told them to kiss off too.
Small town living. Everyone knows everyone. lol
Good bye Roscoe Bartlett.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government