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Ben Swann: The Benghazi Story The Media Isn't Telling You (11/16/12)

Great video dealing with the mess of Petraeus and other military officials:


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great reporting !!

now this is investigative reporting !!
Thank you Ben, but i sometimes fear for your career !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

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"Mr. Petraeus, did you issue any orders during the raid, and

if so, what and to whom?"
I'm dreaming I know, but that's what the intelligence committees should have asked. They also should call some or all the survivors, and learn what they know.
All they do is take up their time bloviating, then asking one silly question and all we learn is Petraeus thought it was terrorists right away. Does no one on those committees have a clue about investigating something?
I can't believe they didn't grill him on when he learned of the raid and what he did...good grief.

Undo what Wilson did

Add this discussion for a more complete picture

Go to 26:05 and start there for more on Benghazi:



I don't know either, as there

I don't know either, as there is so much corruption, but, imho, the worst part is how easily the FBI and whoever else just gets immediate access to emails with no court proceedings...



Why Stand Down?

My question is why give the order to stand down? Why allow an attack that could have easily been thwarted? What was so important that it was worth the life of our ambassador? When we know the answer to that question we will know the rest.


Could there be dissent among the top brass...

about possible future domestic operations? Is this really all about Benghazi? Was something requested of these men that finally crossed the line? This is only speculative.

What's the opposite of a military coup?


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Swan Thinks We are Smart

He puts the real story at the end, buried under the tabloid like story about scandalous emails is the real story. ...And the real story is not talked about in the main stream corporate media.

So the real story may be this...

American people were under direct attack in Libya

Two General (Flag) officers, the head of Africa Command and an Admiral with a carrier wing prepared some forces to be ready if needed while the Libya attack was underway. They were going to be ready to help Americans if needed.

The Obama administration told them no but they kept the forces on station and ready if needed.

The internet rumor mill has taken this story about the firings to the extreme so there is a lot of really crazy stuff out there now that I do not buy for a second.

I guarantee that in the Reagan administration if the commanders had stood down or not proactively taken action to be ready they would have been fired.

So is this a timing thing or are the scandalous stories related to the General and Admiral re-assignments related and we have not been told what the true story is.

Almost 2 months and MSM won't

Over 2 months and MSM won't let go this news, very strange since they always ignore everything hurting Obama.
This news is used as a big distraction from what's really going on in Middle East and US right now.

My instincts tell me...

This could be a simple matter of changing the guard.

The UN is installing their

The UN is installing their psychopaths.

My Instincts say Not Simple.

The changing of the guard is a reaction to something else that went down.



he explained it great..but

he explained it great..but i'm still a little confused..too many people in the pot

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32