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Joan the Silencer from RNC has her own Facebook page. LOLs abound.

It's been a really rough week in the news...here's just a bit of levity.

Joan the Silencer from the Republican National Committee has her own Facebook page:


It's hysterical. :)

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this made my day,,,,, i laughed so hard,,,,, i will have a good day

people are so creative,,,, each scroll down my grin increased
like the fed drone one
the south park ones

and ron paul on a bike,,,,, oops to slow!!!!

Does this verge on harassment?

I can't help but think that this is getting a little out of hand. It's one thing to target someone like Giuliani, who lives his life as a public figure, or Bill Kristol...

Of course I've laughed at these images, but I've also thought that this woman is someone's mother, someone's aunt and so on...

Does someone have the full details on the story? Does anyone know if she was just "following orders?" Is it appropriate to use her real name?

I would have no problem with this if it was a punk young man---but there's something about this being an older woman that rubs me the wrong way--like something Ron Paul or Carol Paul would not want to be associated with.

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:-) :-D :-))




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