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Simplify federal spending so people understand what's going on

I think tough stances on things like education or fema should begin with a simpiler premise. We should simplify the message and just say the federal government is a middle man. Thats a really simple way to say what is going on. The government takes money from the states then redistributes back to the states to do the same job the states were going to do in the first place. Why complicate the message by trying to prove that fema has not done a good job in disasters. Just say the states could have hired the same people to do the same job for half the price.

The same goes with education. Why would you double the size of the federal governments role when you could go directly to the states?

All the federal government does is provide incredibly expensive oversight for things that already have a great deal of oversight. Sorry i am just frusterated tonight and tired of us argueing about the abilty for the federal government to do thier jobs better then the states. Maybe people will understand more with terms like middle man instead of bashing the results. (Even though the results do speak loudly to the inability to do the jobs.)

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