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Cenk Uygur, Host of "The Young Turks" Network speaks out against the outrageous actions of Israel


[I feel like a cross between 1962 Richard Nixon [...you won't have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore because, Gentlemen, this is my last press conference) and a crack addict. Just could not stay away when an video this good was not posted on the DAILY PAUL.)

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This is such a bad argument.

This is such a bad argument. Did we or did we not make American Indians FULL citizens of this nation? When has Israel done that for the Palestinians it continues to occupy and colonize? We even recognize Indian nationalities here. Israel has NEVER recognized the Palestinian nation!

I do not know

where you get your education. Inside the Israeli borders there are "Israeli Arabs" who are 25%+ of Israeli population. They have equal rights and do not want to leave Israel. Two Arab parties sit in Israeli congress. How many political parties do Asians, blacks or Hispanics have in USA?

"Palestinians" and their leadership, on the other hand, do not recognize Israel's right to exist. So they eat sh{i}t for so many years.

uh, come again?

"Israel" didn't "conquer" anything. And it's not about "protecting the land", either. It's about a giant racist cult that believes God's will is for them to rule over everyone else.

They did, in fact, conquer

They did, in fact, conquer that land. They fought the war of independence in 1948 and then re-enforced their dominance during the 6 day war of 1967. The point is that they did not do anything to the palestinians that we did not do to the native americans. Whether you agree with them being on that land is an entirely different debate. I do not care if you like or dislike jews or "Israel" (which by the way are vastly different things). I do however take exception to people pretending that this country came into existence in a different way. We, as Americans, have done (and continue to do) far more heinous things in the name of sovereignty and national security. These are facts. There you go, I came again.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless few keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

Why is it so hard for some of

Why is it so hard for some of you to make a logical argument? You are making a really bad analogy. Yes, what was done to the American Indians was wrong, but our nation at least eventually recognized Amer. Indian nationalities and made them FULL citizens! Israel has occupied another people for 45 years without making them equal citizens! Is this really that difficult? If Israel wants to be taken seriously, it MUST let the Palestinians form their own state or integrate them into Israeli citizenship. It is that simple. International law demands this.

21st Century Secession

In my honest view, the whole "secession" movement is ridiculous. It is a sign that the liberty movement has transferred its ideas from legitimate goals to a 200 year old idea that failed in the 1860s with disastrous consequences. The whole idea is crackpot and, if successful, would destroy this country in its entirety. Have no doubt that there can be no peaceful secession from the United States and this was quite clarified in the U.S. civil war. If the states ever secede again, it will destroy this country, making it 1000x worse to live in for everyone. We will be subject to the constant threat of domestic terrorism, foreign invasion, and total lawlessness. It is obvious "peaceful secession" is impossible. And once you continue to demand it when you know it is impossible, advocating violence is the next logical cornerstone. Once that takes place, you will have total mayhem. This country needs an intellectual awakening, not threats to secede. The population is too busy working 40-60 hour days to keep food on the table and pay down the mortgage to pay attention to the draconian laws being put in place. They must awaken.

You need to understand that the government has created a psychological warfare program in this country that allows them to turn propaganda into public policy and vice versa. For example, the United States projects an immense presence on the world stage and learned, quite successfully, after Vietnam, about how to piss people off so much that the war was stalled. They will never make that mistake again. They know how to start wars by lying to the people, continuing to project an image of the enemy by dehumanizing it. This will go on for 10, 15, and even 20 years if necessary. Case in point: Iran. Within 10 years, Iran will be destroyed by sanctions and subject to covert and/or overt invasion. It will not be hard to topple their government covertly. In the interim, they will consolidate power in an attempt to keep their rule going. This is all part of a grand plan, as the US knows that the population will tolerate sanctions (once considered an act of war), but will not tolerate another pre-emptive invasion. The US must know, therefore, everything its citizens are doing and thinking, in order to form public policy. However, continue to repeat the same lies for decades, and watch the people demand war. This is all about control over hard assets and not floating currency.

Secession movement will fail and completely discredit the Ron Paul Revolution. It will. It is being spun by Alex Jones and a whole bunch of other profiteers because it sells. And thats quite sick in my view. Out of desperation, some people seem to think that the best course of action is to turn their backs on government itself and not try to correct its trajectory into oblivion. I, on the other hand, will not advocate the next logical step after peaceful secession is rejected and that is either violence or the potential for parts of the liberty movement to become more extremist and militant. For me, this serves no purpose in our society.

Have you ever heard Ron Paul

Have you ever heard Ron Paul talk about the power of coalitions? You don't have to agree with everyone on every issue, but you can come together on areas in which you have common convictions.

Cenk Uygur's stances on other issues are completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. He is absolutely correct to shine a spotlight on Israel's conduct and to be disgusted by the United States' utterly biased approach to Israeli-Palestinian issues.

Many of us wouldn't be as vehemently outspoken about Israel if the United States followed the foreign policies recommended by our founders--specifically, to pursue "peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none." We are moved to harshly criticize Israel because--given our long history of providing them veto cover at the UN, arming them, funding them and acting in an astoundingly hypocritical fashion about the rights of Palestinians--their every action is a reflection on us, and too often invites blowback directed against our citizens.

It seems one thing Ron Paul supporters have in common is a relentless pursuit of the truth. However, those who continue to embrace Israel's policies have clearly not yet delved beyond mainstream media coverage about Israel. Here's a quick jump-start for those who sincerely seek enlightenment :
-- http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2008/04/gaza200804
-- http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/content/israeli-palestinian-c...
-- http://youtu.be/QtScEbTMDWE
-- http://www.chicagotribune.com/services/newspaper/eedition/ch...

Ever heard someone in Ron's Coalition call him Painfully Stupid?

that's just what Cenk did and his views are 100% statist
just scroll down for more examples of the true Cenk Uygur

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Cenk Uygur "Ron Paul is Painfully Stupid"


Yep the new hero of the day on the Daily Paul is Cenk Uygur who believes that secession is for trators and taxes are for patriots and that Ron Paul is an idiot.

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Cenk- "It's wrong to demonize socialism"


Yep Cenk-hero on Ron Paul just because he speaks out on Israeli aggression.
I am sure Chavez is against it too.

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bump for solidarity. do not

bump for solidarity. do not like cointelpro-esque trolls divide you against others who are against genocide.

He's not against genocide.

TYT is not against genocide. Cenk has been a mouthpiece for Al Gore and every other carbon taxing population reduction agenda that's come down the pipe.

He's literally a propagandist serving genocide.

Listen to Cenk on his Peter Schiff interview -he is a PRO TAX

pro big government statist

and listen to him here denegrating the secession movement-calling them YAHOO's


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Cenk is NO ALLY

any more than the OWS socialists are

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Killing babies with bombs is

Killing babies with bombs is wrong, and not owing up to it when you've made that mistake, blaming it on the victims, makes it even worse. This is REAL convenient, given the Palestine bid for U.N. member status. BTW, do we realize just how racist the U.N. is when a non-white country applies for U.N. membership?

How sad that a majority of

How sad that a majority of the people on here, who are supposed to be free thinkers... fall for the anti-Israel propaganda. Israel is a sovereign nation and they are perfectly within their rights to protect their nation. In 1981 Ron Paul stood up (almost alone) to say Israel was within their rights to protect themselves. But they shouldn't now, no! Now there are innocent people that could be killed (vice 1981?).

Israeli apologists are simply

Israeli apologists are simply incapable of thinking about the obvious: Palestinians have rights too! They have a right to resist occupation and Jewish only colonization of the remaining 22 per cent of their homeland. Americans would be far more violent to Israel if it dared to colonize our land! We do let them bribe our politicians however.

And when has Israel EVER recognized the Palestinian nation?

Israel did it only after

Israel did it only after asking Obama for permission, and only with the funding for their bombs given to them by our taxpayers. Ron Paul was right in principle, especially in 1981. Things are a bit more complicated now. Libertarians want to end ALL foreign aid, financial and military resources and all. Obviously, this would not be happening without that military 'safety net' for Israel and provocation to surrounding countries.

Yes Lots of Daily Kos types here

pro socialists... sad
They prefer Cenk over Peter schiff see comment below voted down many times that its just a link! and

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Empathy it's an evolutionary step upwards

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation

we are wired to feel another person's pain as our own pain.

i'm not a racist...just sick to my stomach when i see a grossly unfair and unjust situation, such as the one that exists in Palestine.

You are right on.

Sadly, even most Ron Paulers still don't get that israel and zionism are the biggest obstacles to liberty.

You dredge up a year old video to deflect attention

from a genocide?
How very transparent of you.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Check out your hero Cenk vs Ron Paul on secession

not only is Cenk pro tax as evidenced in his rant against Peter Schiff but he also opposes Ron Paul on secession calling those who think its a viable exercise of free speech "traitors"
Cenk is NOT an ally.

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No, to highlight that Cenk is not to be admired as he is

anti liberty and pro tax. See his rants in favor of taxes and against secession.

If socialism is your cup of tea, Go Cenk, Go Daily Kos

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the idea of

Equal response is dumb.

Why should Israel be okay with these rockets?

If we believe in nonintervention we should not fall prey to the distortions including TYTs

You bet your ass if someone comes at you you should respond with greater force


Israel started this and blamed Hamas. Sound familiar?


It's a little trick they like to call "false flag attack." Study up on the USS Liberty to learn more about poor, poor, Israel.


This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Israel should be able to defend itself BUT

1) Allow every Arab states to acquire NUKES just like Israel. USA should not interfere. Why are we being so biased that one nation can have it while others cannot?

2) Let Israel fight it out with the Arabs WITHOUT any threats, assistance or interference from USA.

3) RESPECT and ACCEPT whomever the Arabs choose as their leaders in their nation election. Just because the leaders does not kow-tow to our warmongering and neo-cons agenda, that does not give us the right to send SPIES and AGENTS to destabilize their country/governments.

4) Why is it OK for Zionist in America including non-jewish politician to send money to Israel but it is wrong when born and bred American send money to Palestine?

actually no

I dont have to respect nor accept their leaders, i can be apathetic or disapprove.