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"Tesla Death Ray": "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura

Features a device which can cut steel pipe using a power supply that fits in a device the size of a small flashlight.

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You're right, I stopped watching it, it was so stupid

You're right, I stopped watching it, it was so stupid. I mean, are all episodes of this show like this one? Overly dramatic music that NEVER stops, acute camera angles, lousy acting, and all guests being convicted frauds?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

You should have watched more,

Dr. Judy Wood is far from a fraud. Her credentials and expertise in her field is impressive and specific to the study of interferometry.
Her book , WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO, brings up physical effects that cant be explained by thermate or nicely driven planes. The technology is not that new; some of the key people in the 911 truth movement are attacking Dr. Wood but have connections with the development of the same Directed Energy Technology.
As far as Jesse...give him a break. He is usually not that far off.
The show might be a little dramatic; but I am glad this is getting out there. We owe him for that. What is so bad about seeking the truth about 911? People , even on the DP, might need to be more open minded.


Dust cloud

Yeah, but even her theory about the dust cloud from the controlled demolition from a building not going more than half the height... yes, that is the case when it is a controlled demolition, where the building is exploded at the bottom... the world trade center had planes hit the tops of the buildings... the dust cloud started at the top, and was also carried higher by the flames... there are no flames in a controlled demolition... it is great to get these experts on there who ignore FACTS!! And their graphic of how high the debris should be piled was truly laughable... buildings are mostly empty space... otherwise there would be no room for furniture in them! It is not a pyramid composed of solid rock, that if blasted would form a huge pile. OMG, these arguments are just like arguing against Romney and Obama.... educate, educate, educate... explain, explain, explain... it is so rewarding to hear from the few people that understand basic physics.

His show would be better if he followed the trail of perpetrators of 9/11. We know why the buildings came down... friggin planes rammed into it loaded with fuel... double duh! It is like hitting a nail into a board with a hammer, and then trying to come up with theories as how the nail got into the board!!!!! Why doesn't he research who used the hammer???

The really scary thing is all the down votes that I got on my original comment... ha ha ha... boooooo booooo how dare you talk about facts and details... really scary to see that the people that would down vote are part of the DailyPaul... these are the people that discredit the Ron Paul movement and make us seem like kooks and crazies.

Did you shoot

all of the messengers?

Just the willfully deceptive liars and money-grubbing frauds

No, I didn't shoot anyone. (I am a man of peace.) Just verballed lambasted the willfully deceptive liars and accused the money-grubbing frauds of being what they are.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"