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This Secession Movement, 'Like a Ron Paul Supporter on Food Stamps'

I was asked this morning if I was going to say anything about the secession petitions that have been filed at the White House, and I realized I needed to. I have clearly been remiss. Some who thought I have never heard of a secession proposal that I wouldn’t like might have been wondering what happened to me. Why was I not stirring in my stall, like an old war horse who senses the fray of a distant battle?

Because this set of secession petitions is nothing but stupidity on stilts.

Three quick takes:

1. Secession is not something that individuals do, and it most certainly is not something that individuals do on behalf of some other body. A random number of Texans don’t get to ask if Texas can secede without checking first to see if Texas (the body that would have to do it) wants to. And if Texas wants to, let Texas say so.

2. If you have to ask, it isn’t secession. The fact that these petitions are being filed at the White House, of all places, shows that these seceders are as nationalistic in their assumptions as anybody. “Please, mister . . .” This is not political theory; it is misdirected frustration. And while frustration can create some interesting political theater, it is not anything close to the real deal. This movement is showing all the intellectual rigor of a Ron Paul voter on food stamps…

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*This is from a recent post on Doug Wilson’s blog, expressing his opinion on the recent secession talk made famous by a series of petitions. Doug is a Christian preacher and author, perhaps best known for a book and film he did documenting a series of debates with the late Christopher Hitchens. (Bookmark it for later viewing: Collision.)

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What a fun, random Ron Paul reference

It is true that after becoming educated by Ron Paul, I have refused to get onto WIC, even though I qualify. It's amazing what being awake does to someone's sense of where these government benefits come from ("How can I justify volunteering to be supported by taxpayers and help increase the inflation when I actually am able to feed myself and my family?"), and so on.

I do wish the article expressed some ideas of what moves would be both courageous and intelligent, but still a nice piece.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

The ultimate states right

Ignorant fools, we are the united "states", the right to not be united is up to that state, regardless of what big gov.says.

Bottom line, put it on the ballot in Texas and whatever other state allows and get the hell out of a pathetic, cheating government

I'll post here what ive posted like 10 other places

You all are hating on people for 'signing a piece of paper' that says "Yes i believe we should secede"

If you honestly think that anyone actually thinks these petitions make us secede, your seriously clueless.

No one thinks these petitions will pass and then we are seceded. The point of the petitions is to remind the government that we have the power to do so. That's what the Constitution USED to do. Anytime they tried to overstep their bounds, the states reminded them of the Constitution and our ability to throw off such government if they continued their ways.

The fact people even suggest "SECESSION IS HORRIBLE IDEA" just shows one of two things

1.People have NO clue about our government, history, or purpose and application of our Constitution.

2.People are so far lost, they feel anything that would be against American government or a desire to leave America is anti-American, which is actually the exact opposite. American means you DO check your government when they overstep their bounds, to not do so, would be anti-American.



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don't hitchslap 'em with logic

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