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White House Petition Asks That Ron Paul's Signature Be Added To The Constitution

White House Petition Asks That Ron Paul's Signature Be Added To The Constitution

Betsi Fores
The Daily Caller News Foundation
6:19 AM 11/17/2012

Following Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s farewell speech on the House floor, Paul loyalists have petitioned the White House to allow the constitutional champion’s name to be signed to the Constitution.

“He, more than any other public servant since it’s inception- has championed it, strived to uphold it, and reprimanded those who have not,” the petition says.

“Ron Paul deserves to have his namesake preserved along with those of our Founding Father’s… And The Constitution deserves to bear Ron Paul’s name,” the petition concludes.

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SteveMT's picture

Ron Paul is a living Founding Father. Why not?

This symbolic gesture epitomizes everything that the Ron Paul has ever said or done.

I doubt he would have signed it.

Only 39 of 55 delegates to the first Constitutional Convention signed onto the Constitution. The others refused, mostly because they thought it gave too much power (esp. the power to tax) to the Federal government. They were right. They should have stuck with the Articles of Confederation. Ron Paul would have been one of those voting "no." As usual.

Other names conspicuously missing from the Constitution: Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams and John Adams.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

It should have been for the Deceleration of Independence

None of the states agreed with the Constitution until the Bill of right was added. I believe RP would have demanded far more clarity and power to the state before signing off on it.

I doubt that he'd sign that or think it was a good idea.


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He can just sign a Post-It

and then stick it on the bottom corner.