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The Business Plot (1933-Present)

The institution of government is a very powerful tool that many seek to control or influence in order to implement their own agendas. Republicans of today pay lip service to reduced regulation, but they are not sincere. Regulations imposed by government force increase the barrier to entry for potential competitors of established interests. It is no secret that when new regulations are considered, any testimony in support or against is only solicited from the most powerful special interests within the affected economic sector. Government assisted cartelization is the easiest avenue to take for a powerful entrepreneur trying to maintain long-term survival in the market. A certain amount of regulation is very desirable to the power elite in current times.

The Business Plot is the name given to a planned coup of the United States government in the early 1930's by interests such as JP Morgan, the Du Pont family, Remington, and others. Major General Smedley Butler was approached and asked to lead a large force capable of executing a successful takeover of necessary government functions. Who knows what effects the fascist overthrow would have had on our society. Would have all means of production been monopolized by the potential oligarchs? After all, complete monopolization is only possible through special privileges granted by government.

In any case, things didn't go according to plan. Smedley Butler refused and later revealed the conspiracy. Butler testified before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee which found that what the general had to say was credible. However, none of the special interests involved were ever prosecuted (surprise surprise). Do you suppose these powerful men said with sincerity - "Sorry guys! Nothing like this will ever happen again... We promise." Like many of you, I don't suppose so either. Only the strategy changed. After all, later during the 1930's, the Du Pont's were able to get industrial hemp production outlawed which left a market gap to be filled by the family's prized synthetic fiber - nylon. Instead of an immediate fascist takeover, the strategy was made more long term - hence the date in the title 1933-Present.

Through the influence of K Street, we are now living in the fascist system sought out by those power elites in the 1930's. Patience is a virtue. However, none of this would have been possible without the use of government force. Whether through coup or through regulation, these people knew that they needed the institution of government as a vehicle for their domination of the American People. Government is an inherently evil institution that should be restricted to only a small number of "necessary" functions (if there are any necessary functions). Any time government grants special favor to any particular group, the rest of the population is worse off for it. When it is supposed that all men are equal in the eyes of government, why should any party receive exclusive benefits?

Welcome to the fascist utopia of JP Morgan and the Du Ponts. It's working out beautifully... huh guys?

Here is a short 4-minute video regarding Major General Smedley Butler and what happened in the 1930's:


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How many of you were uaware of the plot to coup the government..

in the 30's?

The First Line In That Video

The first line in that video says:

"You can roughly locate any community somewhere along a scale running all the way from democracy to despotism"

Democracy, however, is also evil (and was viewed that way by the founders).

I agree. I think...

the other end of the scale is anarchism guided by the non-aggression principle rather than democracy.