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Republicans: GOP needs to get with the times

WASHINGTON (AP) — To hear some Republicans tell it, the Grand Old Party needs to get with the times.

Some of the early prescriptions offered by officials and operatives to rebuild after devastating elections: retool the party message to appeal to Latinos, women and working-class people; upgrade antiquated get-out-the-vote systems with the latest technology. Teach candidates how to handle the new media landscape.

From longtime GOP luminaries to the party's rising stars, almost everyone asked about the Republicans' Nov. 6 election drubbing seems to agree that a wholesale update is necessary for a party that appears to be running years behind Democrats in adapting to rapidly changing campaigns and an evolving electorate.


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Republicans Need Reach Out to Inner Cities

So to educate ourselves we need to address real outreach problems. Republicans need to head into the cities. Any city over 50,000 in population needs a centralized campaign head quarters. The real solution is listen and then implement policies to those who dwell in the inner cities. This is a news article that embellishes my point: http://www.tnr.com/blog/plank/110074/the-gop-can%E2%80%99t-a...