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5 Reasons I'm Opting Out Of The TSA's Scanners (And You Should Too)

5 Reasons I'm Opting Out Of The TSA's Scanners (And You Should Too)

Christopher Elliott
Posted: 11/16/2012 7:00am

Next week is one of the busiest of the year for air travel. And the last thing you probably want to see at the airport when you fly home for Thanksgiving is a long line -- especially one that's preventable.

But this year is different.

This Thanksgiving, I'm telling the TSA agents who screen me that I won't walk through their full-body scanners.

And I'm not alone. A group of activists who are concerned about the so-called "advanced" imaging technology are also urging air travelers to just say "no" next week.

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I will be flying

At the end of January & will opt out & film. I am going to cite several cases of cancer clusters among TSA workers & wear complicated under garments to make their job as embarrassing (to them) as possible. Will post all about it!

wolfe's picture

I always opt out...

And usually make comments for people watching to overhear.

It's not that I have any reason to opt out except that I believe they are a violation of my rights (as everyone here does). I figure if I can make their lives a little more complicated, even in some small way, it helps.

I believe the full body pat downs that I receive are also a violation of my rights, but at least it requires effort and the discomfort the inspector feels by grabbing my balls (at least I hope he is uncomfortable).

This should be everyone's practice that believes in reducing the government control. Always, in every way possible make things difficult and costly for them.

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