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Monsanto ruining farmers: US film director

NAGPUR: Micha Peled, director of the internationally acclaimed documentary on Vidarbha's farmers 'Bitter Seeds', believes that Monsanto is one of the major culprits behind the plight of cotton cultivators of the region.

Peled's one-hour documentary tracks the lives of two Telantakli residents in Pandharkawda taluka of Yavatmal district - farmer Ram Krishna and Manjusha Aherwar, a wannabe journalist, whose farmer father had committed suicide. This documentary has won four awards and has been screened in various film festivals in different countries.

The director said in many countries the viewers of his film told him that their countries faced the same problem due to Monsanto. "In Vietnam, some bureaucrats told me about the damage being done to their country by Monsanto's genetically modified seeds."


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