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Vote For Me!

I didn't think I'd be asking for votes for myself again until the next set of county/district/state conventions. Luckily this isn't nearly as important as some of those votes. (The votes for Ron Paul from Georgia at the National convention, those came from my district. We managed to actually vote our delegates there!)

I'm a leader of an online community within World of Warcraft, and I'm currently second place in a contest for "top guild leader." I've been a leader of online gaming communities for years now, and I'd really appreciate the help in this contest. The guild/person in first place is a group of people that won the contest last year. I'd like to actually give them a run for their money. People can vote using either their Facebook or by creating a guild launch account and voting. You can vote once each day.

The contest is over at http://community.guildlaunch.com/promotions/g/rift/top-guild... You can vote me at www.tinyurl.com/FindailGL.

Why did I even think of the Daily Paul when I was thinking about this contest? Well, while we don't allow politic discussions in general guildchat during the game (people use it to escape and have a fun time) I did set up a section on our forums where I could educate my community about what's going on, and allow for the sharing of knowledge. It allowed for some discussion, and people have thanked me about letting them know about the NDAA.

I've seen some things like this posted here before. I know it's not as serious as most of the topics posted here, but I'd really appreciate the help. If you really want to help, please post my vote link to your Facebook and ask people to vote for your friend in liberty for his nerd popularity contest!

Thank you all for your help.

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