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Oxitec to begin commercialization of insects, ownership and replacement of biosphere well under way

With little risk assessment, Oxitec, a maker of genetically modified insects, will be releasing millions of mosquitoes, with the aim of replacing native populations around GE crops. Oxitec and companion company Syngenta, hope to create new markets in insects, potentially including thousands of GM species. The companies have a history of fostering unethically close relationships with regulators, and Syngenta was "charged with covering up the deaths of many animals consuming the company’s GM corn."

In light of the interesting discussions on the Daily Paul around Prop 37, and member's unique understanding of free market theory, with attendant distaste for government involvement or regulation, what do we think about the commercialization of the biosphere? Does this represent a significant departure for free markets? Are we ready for this?


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Prop 37 was a chance to stop

all of this. How is the free market going to regulate corporate ownership of lifeforms?