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Excellent article: The Day Neoconservatism Died by Creighton Harrington at YAL

Possibly the best article I've read all year...The Day Neoconservatism Died

Just imagine, for a moment, that the Republican Party's candidate would have been able to, point for point, call out the President on every issue. The fact that he has deported more illegal aliens than Bush had ever dreamed; that he has continued the foreign policy of Bush and, indeed, even expanded it; that he has raided more medical marijuana dispensaries than Bush; that he has taken the exact opposite stance on civil liberties from his campaign, passing the NDAA and giving up on closing GITMO; that he literally has an "assassination list" and has assassinated an American citizen (and his 16-year-old son) via predator drone without a trial; that he has redefined "terrorist" to be any able bodied person in a hot zone.

Obama would have been destroyed. Utterly destroyed.

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