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Texas Lawmakers Seek To Block NDAA Indefinite Detentions, Criminalize Certain TSA Searches

Republican state lawmakers in Texas submitted two bills this week seeking to counteract the federal government's controversial powers of indefinite detention and overzealous searches by the Transportation Security Administration.

GOP state Rep. Lyle Larson filed a measure that would nullify controversial aspects of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which has been criticized for establishing vague criteria that gives the federal government broad authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists without charges or a trial.


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TSA Searches in Texas voted down last session

If my memory serves me correctly, Texas tried to pass the TSA law during the last session. The feds told Texas that if the TSA law passed then they would have to shut down all Texas airports to "ensure the safety of all passengers". After that threat, the law went down in flames.

I would really like to see it come up again and pass. I would also like to see the feds try and shut down our airports and see how fast secession happens.

Does anyone know what happened

with the UN monitors in Texas on election day? I never heard another word about it.

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Re Election Day in Texas: you made me curious.

Hi again WalterKavenaugh. I saw lots of articles from beforehand on the threats Texas had made that international observers would be arrested if they did not observe state law that said they had to remain a certain distance from a polling place. (I also saw an article saying that the State Department had assured the organization that if any such arrests were made, the parties would be exonerated!) I was about to give up trying to find out what actually happened, when I finally found it reported ~ in a Russian newspaper. Incidentally (I've just now learned this myself), these observers weren't with the U.N. The OSCE is a European group with which the U.S. has an alliance ~ Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ~ with apparently certain election standards agreed upon among members... not that our *states* agreed to anything. In any event, this issue of them coming to the U.S. to monitor elections appears to be the flip side of U.S. insistence on European elections being monitored (especially former Soviet block nations). So, it seems as if no one broke any laws, that is, Texas (and a few other states) kept observers out of the polling places. Russia wasn't happy with the "double standard." http://en.rian.ru/world/20121109/177313606.html

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Thanks for finding that.

I suppose I can't blame the Russians or anybody else. It's none of our business if they have crooked elections. Even if they do, what the heck are we gonna' do about it?...threaten to invade? Come to think of it, maybe that's just one of the reasons we use to involve ourselves in other's affairs! Thx again.
(PS.. my brain exploded before I finished the L.C. story)

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

I'll believe it when I see

I'll believe it when I see county Sheriffs and local and state LEO arresting federal agents for violating peoples rights. Until then it is all just meaningless rhetoric!

We still have people being arrested for medical marijuana while people and local Sheriffs stand by and do nothing!

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I thought the same thing.

"Believe it when I see it"

Comments on the Huffington Post

are astonishing.

The left and the right

are equally lost, blind drones.

This is my response

Ignorance is what creates many of the Devil's minions.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

This is great news!

Thanks for sharing this story. I am amazed and impressed that members of the Texas legislature are pushing for freedom like this.

They got blindsided last time

by very smooth operators, Rick Perry and David Dewhurst. They will probably be better prepared this time. I hope they keep introducing these bills for as long as it takes.

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News like this and the below sure make me proud to live in Texas! Liberty is strong with people here.


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