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Let your government employee know who they work for

When addressing your government employee address them as public servant.
Address LEOs, TSA, congressman, POTUS, judge, city council, school board members, ect. and specially for any government worker that likes to have a title in front of their name.
Be courteous and respectful simply address them as "public servant".

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Do you seriously think they

Do you seriously think they give a rats ass? They will just see you as a potential domestic terrorist is all.

These people are the enforcers of tyranny. That changes you fundamentally. They can delude themselves that they are doing good but deep down they are changed into selfish self righteous assholes. And it shows when they arrest and screw up peoples lives who have harmed no one they know its wrong but they do it anyways. All they are doing is ruining peoples lives mostly by enabling government tyranny and oppression...

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...idea (bump)

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If a lot of people start calling them servants...?