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It was never about the message.

It was always about Ron Paul.

I don't usually post things in the Daily Paul, especially those with intentionally controversial titles, but I think this an important message post election.

As the Romney campaign has been analyzed and scrutinized by the right wing media, they love to throw out words like liberty and freedom. They are able to mix these important words in with their message of intolerance and big government, I am not wise enough to tell if they do this intentionally to disrupt our movement or if they honestly just don't understand.

So just in case our conservative "spokesmen" don't do the job correctly I wanted to remind us all that conservatism/libertarianism needs to be tough on a daily basis by individuals in our local community.

Help those in need if you are able, let people do as they please if it doesn't impede on your liberty, and most importantly when you discuss political topics with neighbors....keep an open mind and try to understand why they feel the way they do.

It is important to remeber that people as a whole will act rationally. As conservatives inform people that we can no longer run a welfare state, we must be able to explain why it is socially immoral. This, in my onion is where Ron Paul seperated himself from the crowd.

Ron Paul's consistent message of limiting government, no matter who was in power gained him respect from both sides.

All conservatives call for a decrease in government power but it is very clear that very few actually believe in defending the constitution,

So most of the post above doesn't matter that much considering Ron Paul is leaving congress. I guess I just wanted to say to all the great members of the daily paul, that it will be up to us to carry on the message and it won't be all about the words we speak, but rather the actions that those who might not otherwise follow our message, can follow.

Ron Paul's ability to speak humbly about the topics of capitalism, free markets and foreign intervention should be our common sense guide to covert others through the power of critical thinking, not corrupt political propaganda.

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Gained him respect?

"Ron Paul's consistent message of limiting government, no matter who was in power gained him respect from both sides."

From us, yes. From the major political parties (and their controllers)? Hell no! Their politicians gave that message of limiting government lip service, because it is what the growing number of people who understand the message (which message is spreading like wildfire now) want. It is also one of the main reasons they felt they had to stop him, black him out, and marginalize him at every opportunity.

It's the message and it's the man... us. People all over the world got the message. Those who "got it" are Ron Paul now.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I get it. i think

I went to my state's republican primary convention.

The platform meeting was eye opening in that I agreed with everything in it with exception of some foreign policy statements stating "support" for Israel without defining support.

The "Message" in the platform was small government.

The "politicians" do not follow their own platform.

Then it becomes about the man.

Mitt Romney would have won if he had Ron Paul's record of consistency and honesty.

Then again he would not have been selected in the first place.

Your title has it backward

It *is* about the message. Even Ron Paul would say that.

Yes it's important that the message comes from someone who is consistent, trustworthy and doesn't have an "agenda" and Ron Paul is very likely the only person in the higher levels of government who fits that criteria. But the message and philosophy behind it is still what it's about.

I'm confused

You mean it's about the message not Ron Paul.

OK let me try one more time.

OK let me try one more time. The message is important, but it is easy to say that we want liberty and freedom, but not act on it,

The votes that Ron Paul made over the last 30 years speak for themselves.

Your title should have been:

It's not about Ron Paul, it's about talking the talk while walking the walk.

Why the title

Agree and upvoted, but it seems you are saying it IS about the message, not a man or a party or an election.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


But anyone can carry on the "message" it is more important to identify the best people who are able to communicate the message to the masses. Ideally that won't have to done Hannity and Limbaugh